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Visiting Louisiana

Louisiana is one of the most interesting states in the nation. Its uniqueness is the result of a melding of different cultures throughout the state’s history. Taking a trip to this state can be an instant education in history and culture. The sky’s the limit when you and your family visit Louisiana. Cabin rental or finding a regular home to rent can make your trip all the more pleasurable. Browse Vacation Home Rentals for the perfect house or cabin to stay in while you take in the sights and sounds of this great Southern state.

Areas within Louisiana

Almost every corner of Louisiana has something special to offer tourists. New Orleans remains the hub of activity in the state, but other cities, like Baton Rouge and Lafayette, have their own landmarks and historical sites to visit. Countryside areas are often the locations of historic houses and museums like plantations. Even islands just off the coast of the state, like Avery Island, have their own drawing power. This particular island is famous for its hot sauce. Typically, areas that are popular with tourists have an abundance of vacation rentals. Louisiana is famous for its Southern hospitality. You’re sure to find interesting spots everywhere in Louisiana. Vacation rentals allow you to take them in at your own pace.

Sightseeing in Louisiana and Things to Do

The many unique neighborhoods of New Orleans attract tourists of all ages. Train rides through the historic Garden District provide ample sightseeing opportunities. The Audubon Zoo features several special exhibits, including an Insectarium. The Enchanted Mansion Doll Museum in Baton Rouge provides a history of dolls along with an impressive collection of them. Swamp tours are available in more rural areas like Thibodaux, LA. Towns like these can have great cabin rentals. Louisiana offers many different cultural experiences either in the cities or in their outskirts.

Regional Foods

Louisiana has a reputation for its spicy cuisine. Cajun and Creole foods originating from the region have been influenced by a variety of cultures, including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Native American, and Southern American foods. Creole cuisine can be found within cities, while Cajun food is a favorite of rural restaurants. Louisiana cabin rentals are likely to have Cajun food nearby. This melting pot of culinary influences can be best seen in dishes that combine different types of foods with ...

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