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About Mexico

Rich in history and bursting with colorful scenery, Mexico is world-famous for its hot beach destinations, diverse landscape, and flavorful cuisine. Bordered by the United States and Central America, this country offers a welcome respite to vacationers looking to relax in the sun or those looking to have an adventure. Mexico vacation rentals are available in many cities and regions throughout the country offering the perfect place to stay during your getaway. 


Divided by the Tropic of Cancer, part of Mexico falls into a tropical climate zone, while the other part is in a temperate zone. Since the temperature can vary from one destination to the next, it’s important to pack appropriately. If you’re staying in Mexico vacation rentals along the Pacific or Gulf Coast, bring your swimsuit and sunglasses and expect relatively warm temperatures year-round. The mountainous and central parts of the country inland see cooler temperatures, while the northern region experiences very hot temperatures during the summer and extremely cold weather in the winter. 


Mexico is made up of 31 states, but it’s easiest to think of Mexico as split into three main regions: Northern Mexico, Central Mexico, and Southern Mexico. 
  • Northern Mexico: The northern part of Mexico is full of untouched natural beauty, and mostly consists of desert landscapes, nature preserves, and mountainous areas perfect for hikers, climbers and campers. Major cities include Chihuahua, Tijuana, and Ciudad Juarez.   
  • Central Mexico: This part of Mexico is known for its “Old Mexico” feel with major agriculture operations, colonial-style buildings, and early Mesoamerican influences. Central Mexico is home to the country’s capital, Mexico City, and is the most important political and economic part of the country.
  • Southern Mexico: The southern part of the country is a hub for ecotourism. The landscape is a mix of seacoast, jungles, marshes, and mangrove forests that vacationers can explore. The area is also still alive with native Mayan culture and boasts a great amount of temples and towns to discover.
The coastal parts of Mexico are also worth noting, since many vacationers visit this country for its impeccable beaches. The Baja Peninsula and the Pacific Coast are lapped by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Here, the waters and the weather are warm and vacationers will find adventure in every town. The Yucatan ...

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