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Acapulco, Mexico Travel Tips

Acapulco is one of the great cultural centers of Mexico. Its attractions and festivities make it a wonderful area to visit with family. Children especially may enjoy its many kid-friendly activities. Museums, botanical gardens, and amusement parks are just some of the attractions that the city has to offer. Finding suitable Acapulco rentals to share with your family can ensure a comfortable stay. Let Vacation Home Rentals guide you to the perfect rental for your needs.


Part of planning a successful trip to Acapulco involves knowing which neighborhoods are best to visit. The Traditional Zone region sits to the west and encapsulates the city’s history and personality. Acapulco’s Golden Zone is perfect for outdoor activities and features a beautiful stretch of land along the beach. Pie de la Cuesta offers grand, scenic views of Acapulco. Villas for rent in this area can guarantee that you see the very best of the city. The zone most like the United States is Acapulco Diamante, which hosts several restaurants and resorts.


Cici Acapulco Mágico provides kids with plenty to do in Acapulco. This water park boasts fun rides like slides and wave pools that children of all ages can enjoy. Animal-lovers may delight in one of the many shows featuring marine life. Amazing World is an amusement park that offers adventures for kids. Toddlers can even get in on the fun in special play areas designed for tiny bodies. All of the park’s play structures were created with safety in mind. Magico Mundo Marino provides another marine-themed park to visit for those who want an alternative to Cici Acapulco Mágico. Its proximity to beaches makes it the perfect place for parents to take in beautiful natural sights. Acapulco vacation rentals near the beach provide immediate access to attractions that incorporate natural bodies of water into exhibits.
Parque Papagayo has the best attractions that any children’s park has to offer. Kids are free to drive cars and steer boats after gaining admission. The usual park features, like pools, are also included. This recreational area even offers a history lesson. The park houses a replica of an important Mexican clipper ship. Kids can learn more about history at nearby museums and cultural centers. The Centro Cultural Acapulco provides tourists with an education on the area’s traditions and customs. Visitors interested in ...

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