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Gaylord, MI Travel Tips

Gaylord, MI, is a city that is both beautiful and charming, regardless of whether the sun is shining or snow covers the ground. Vacation travelers not only find it visually appealing but also stimulating and filled with attractions for the whole family. When planning a vacation, Gaylord, MI, rentals offer the best opportunity to experience the area from a local prospective. Vacation Home Rentals is your online source for Gaylord rentals. Our available for-rent-by-owner properties are well-maintained and reasonably priced to help save you money. In addition to finding the right rental, a few travel tips can also help make your vacation in Gaylord unforgettable. The weather in Gaylord reflects the season. If visiting the city during the winter, expect weather at times to be extremely cold and sometimes snowy. During the summer, weather conditions can be hot and humid. Knowing average weather temperatures will help families to pack the right type of items. Having the right clothing and items such as insect spray and sunglasses will further ensure the comfort of family members.


Gaylord, Michigan, rentals are a great way to stay rested while on vacation. With the many attractions and activities that the city has to offer, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep at the end of each day. Area attractions and activities can be indoors or outdoors, high-energy or calm. The Call of the Wild Museum and Gift Shop is an example of an indoor attraction. It features wild animal displays as well as educational information and a large gift shop. For outdoor activities, visit the Louis M. Groen Nature Preserve for summer hiking or snowshoeing in the winter. In Gaylord, nature itself is an attraction that shouldn’t be missed. Families who visit during the fall can see the many colors of the season by following mapped fall color tours. These driving tours take tourists past impressive areas of fall’s most amazing colors. Area elk are also an attraction for vacationing families who’ll want to get up early and spend a day away from their rentals in Gaylord, Michigan. Families can view elk at Aspen Park, which also has biking and walking trails.
Some attractions in Gaylord are perfect photo-taking opportunities. The Pontresina Stone, which was given by Gaylord’s sister city in Switzerland, is an example of a photo-taking opportunity. Families visiting in the winter will also want to venture ...

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