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About Minnesota

Although it gets blustery cold in the winter, Minnesota makes a prime vacation destination in the spring, fall, and summer. This Midwestern state sees all four seasons every year, and it's known for its friendly locals and miles of scenic waterfront. You can usually catch a festival no matter when you visit, and there are plenty of Minnesota vacation rentals from which to choose.
Best Cities to Visit in Minnesota
If you're looking for an urban adventure, consider visiting the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul. You'll have your pick of spacious Minnesota vacation rentals here, whether you're looking for an apartment that overlooks downtown or a condo with views of the Chain of Lakes.
You might also enjoy visiting Duluth, Minnesota, for your next vacation. It's a slightly smaller city that creates a small-town feel with its quaint streets, abundant churches, and old-world architecture. It also looks spectacular at night thanks to its city lights, and the downtown district is full of antique shops, tiny boutiques, and cozy restaurants.
Top Attractions in Minnesota
After you book your Minnesota vacation rental, start looking for nearby attractions. If you're staying in Bloomington, for instance, you won't want to miss a trip to the Mall of America, the largest shopping destination in the United States. It's become a commercial icon and a top tourist attraction. Inside, you'll find dozens of your favorite stores, from American Apparel to Zales. Also in Bloomington's Mall of America, you'll find the Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium. It boasts a large collection of undersea creatures, from toothy sharks to colorful tropical fish.
For a Minneapolis vacation, plan to spend at least a few hours at the Walker Art Center. This contemporary art museum started as a single room in a private home more than a century ago, and it has become one of the foremost artistic centers in the nation. In addition to viewing beautiful works of art, you can also take classes, attend events, and meet artists at the Walker Art Center.
Smaller Minnesota towns offer their fair share of attractions as well. Consider a visit to Harmony, Minnesota, which is home to Niagara Cave. Tour the subterranean chambers of this unique attraction. You can even get married in the cave because it boasts a chapel in addition to a gorgeous water fall and a gift shop.
Why Visit Minnesota?
Despite its reputation for frigid winters, Minnesota is a prime vacation destination. Minneapolis, for instance, is one of the most walking- and bicycling-friendly cities in the world, which makes it convenient to explore. The numerous lakes scattered throughout the state provide ample opportunities to get back to nature. While the South often lays claim to its brand of comfort food, you'll find just as much to dine on in Minnesota, especially if you're partial to fried delicacies.
To organize a relaxing, rejuvenating vacation, start searching for a Minnesota vacation rental today. Plan your itinerary down to the hour or let serendipity be your guide as you explore the North Star State.
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