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About Catskills

Nestled between Central New York and Hudson Valley, the Catskills have been a popular tourist destination for over 200 years. With more than 700,000 acres of beautiful forests, mountain peaks, waterfalls, streams, and rivers, the Catskills are spread throughout four New York counties. Catskills vacation rentals are an excellent way for visitors to enjoy the splendor of one of New York’s most popular attractions year-round. 


The Catskills region experiences all four seasons and weather conditions vary significantly throughout the year. During the summer months, temperatures typically hover in the 70s and 80s. Fall brings cooler temperatures that range from 50 to 70 degrees. Winter temperatures can be bitingly cold and often dip down into the 20s until the arrival of Spring in March begins to warm up the area. Pack layers during a visit to the Catskills, so you’ll be prepared for any changes in the weather. 


Albany International Airport is the most convenient airport to fly into for a vacation in the Catskills. This puts you within an hour’s drive of the northern Catskills. If you prefer other modes of transportation, the MTA’s Metro-North line and the Trailways bus lines offer some worry-free travel options, but having your own vehicle is the best way to ensure your family has the necessary transportation for a wonderful trip in the Catskills. The area is easily accessible by car from many East Coast cities, so you’ll just need to fill up your tank and then hit the road. 

Things to Do

Visitors will find that seasonal activities, attractions, and events thrive in this region. Catskills vacation rentals are available year-round making it a perfect travel destination any time. The winter months bring activities, such as skiing, snowmobiling, skating, maple sugaring, and much more. Head to Hunter Mountain, a popular ski resort, for excellent downhill runs and powdery trails. If you prefer to explore the winter landscape at a leisurely pace, visit the Mountain Trails Cross Country Ski Center in Tannersville for backcountry cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

Summer visitors will find plenty of fishing, hunting, swimming, kayaking, or other water-based activities to fill up the day. Explore the variety of hiking trails at Overlook Mountain or follow the river that runs through Woodland Valley State Park. Zoom Flume, the region’s largest water park, offers water slides, a ...

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