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THE CHANNEL ISLANDS HARBOR The sparkling Channel Islands Harbor -- gateway to the Channel Islands National Park is a hub for boating, sport fishing, kayaking and whale-watching excursions. Miles of uncrowded beaches, fresh seafood, tall ships and year-round events make the Harbor a great destination. Oxnard: About an hour north of Los Angeles, Ventura County looks out on the expansive Pacific Ocean. Initially settled by Chumash Indians, the region was discovered by Portuguese and Spanish adventurers in the mid-16th century. Not long thereafter, Spain began to construct missions along the coast, and San Buenaventura (Ventura's original, official name) was established in 1782. Small communities and sprawling ranches grew around it, giving rise to the eventual town. In the 19th century, California saw an influx of settlers, and Ventura County became an agricultural capital, a title it holds yet today. In fact, the town of Oxnard derived its name from brothers who built a factory there to process sugar beets, a profitable early crop. Thanks to fertile lands and abundant rainfall, the area now serves as a top producer of strawberries, lima beans, lemons, and celery. The oil industry and the military also rank as major employers, along with electronics and tourism. Throughout its periods of growth, Ventura County has had the foresight to maintain its communities' small-town charm, as well as their history. Naturally, the coast is a perpetual draw, and area beaches are frequented by residents and visitors alike. Off the coast, the Channel Islands are a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts as well. While you're around, you'll definitely want to visit San Buenaventura Mission, Ventura Harbor, and Ventura's City Hall, not to mention Carnegie Art Museum and Heritage Square in Oxnard. They're just brief indication of the all-American appeal that brings folks to the county for business, for pleasure, and for fun. New York Times article Just 11 Miles Off Coast, California’s Galápagos Lucas Peterson FRUGAL TRAVELER FEB. 22, 2017 The Channel Islands National Park comprises five islands off the coast of Southern California, which are all remarkably close to the mainland. “Look at that,” came the voice of our boat’s captain over a crackly intercom. “A wildlife sighting and we haven’t even left the harbor!” Toward the bow of the ship on the starboard side, a sleek, dark gray figure was cresting out of the water about 25 yards in front of us. It was a bottlenose dolphin, the playful and charismatic mammal found in oceans all over the world. I pulled out my rented binoculars to get a closer look, and a couple of fellow passengers clapped their hands in delight. We got another glimpse of the dolphin’s dorsal side and blowhole before it vanished with a quick flick of the tail. Nearby, a group of sea lions lazed on a buoy. I had been looking for an easy, casual day trip from Los Angeles, where I live, and I found it. Channel Islands National Park comprises five islands: an archipelago of four islands that hug the Santa Barbara Channel off the coast of Southern California, and the more remote Santa Barbara Island, further off toward Catalina to the southeast. The islands are remarkably close to the mainland — the closest is just 11 miles from shore — but seem like they’re a world away. During my visit to Santa Cruz Island, I felt connected to both land and sea. The breathtaking vistas, great hiking and dozens of flora and fauna unique to the islands made it clear why some refer to the Channel Islands as “the Galápagos Islands of North America.” And unlike a pricey trip to the Galápagos Islands, I was able to explore Santa Cruz on a modest budget. Our 65-foot-long, 149-passenger boat was chartered by Island Packers Cruises, the official concessionaire of the Channel Islands. The price, $29.50 each way (I bought my ticket online), is reasonable considering there is no official entrance fee to the park. Tickets can be bought to all five islands in the park, depending on the season. Currently, tickets are only available to Anacapa and Santa Cruz, the largest of the islands. Buying ahead is recommended, and make sure to call the morning of to verify your boat is sailing; sometimes there are cancellations because of the weather. You will need to bring supplies, as there is nothing available to buy on the island. (There is also no publicly usable electricity or transportation, and the cellphone service is spotty to nonexistent.) As I was only planning to be there for the day (camping overnight is also an option), I just needed food and water for a seven-hour trip. I would then follow the old scouting mantra of “pack it in, pack it out” — taking all my waste with me back to the mainland. After exiting the freeway in Ventura, I headed to the Royal Bakery and Cafe and bought a couple of items: a so-so scone ($2) and a much better croissant with turkey and cheese ($3.95). Things like water ($1.75 for one liter) and granola bars ($2.50) are available at the office where the boat departs, and there is a variety of snacks on the boat, including popcorn ($3) and domestic beer ($4). Visitors observe a dolphin in the water. Credit Trevor Tondro for The New York Times You may also want to invest in some Dramamine (I didn’t see it for sale in the boat’s concession stand). Depending on the day, and how the winds are behaving, you could be in for a choppy ride. Ours was bad. “Sometimes it’s a mirror,” said Larry Driscoll, a volunteer with the Channel Islands Naturalist Corps, “and sometimes it’s even rougher than this.” A couple of passengers had begun to turn a shade of green and quickly made their way to back of the boat. After 30 minutes of joyfully surfing the big swells at front of our craft, I joined them. Advice for the seasick: Go outside, on as low a deck as possible, and toward the rear of ship. It won’t make the nausea go away, but it will minimize your movement and the fresh air will help. Fortunately, rough seas aside, there was a lot to enjoy on the ride, which is very much a part of the entire experience, lasting over an hour each way. The highlight was when a pod of common dolphins began swimming next to our boat. Dozens of silvery fins, shimmering in the sun against a backdrop of deep blue water, cantered and crested as our captain slowed the boat. “Oh, they’re just playing now,” a woman next to me said as two of the creatures popped out of the water no more than 15 feet from us. Whales are also a common sight during voyages out to the islands — there are specific whale-watching tours — but unfortunately none appeared during our trip. After something of a rough arrival — thanks to the choppy waters, we had to dock at Prisoners Harbor, near the middle of the island, rather than our planned berth on its eastern side — we made it to Santa Cruz Island. (The island was named in the early 17th century; it had been home to the Chumash tribe, before diseases from European settlers ravaged the population.) A few passengers set out on the 3.5-mile hike to the campground and a couple others went off to hike on their own. The rest of us were given a choice of taking an “easy” hike up the Del Norte trail or a more difficult one toward Pelican Bay. I opted for the latter, joining a group with two of the Island Packers guides. The moderately difficult hike, which consists of some steep, rocky sections, is doable even for beginners. You will get your hands dirty, though, as some of the more arduous parts are closer to climbing than hiking, and require three points of contact. Leanne Kleinsmith, one of our guides and a native of Ventura County, was amazed by the effect the recent rain had had on the island. “It is so green right now,” she said. “It’s never this green.” She was right. As we hiked along the coastal bluffs, the pine, oak and ironwood trees were remarkably lush, nothing like the yellows, browns and ochres that typically characterize Southern California. The hike to Pelican Bay goes into territory owned by the Nature Conservancy, which is based in Arlington, Va. The environmental organization owns most of the Santa Cruz Island, which was once the largest privately-owned island in the country, and the National Park Service manages the rest. Cactus can be found on the Channel Islands. Ms. Kleinsmith told me that what makes Santa Cruz Island so special, in her opinion, is its biodiversity. There are nearly a 1,000 plant and animal species packed into less than a 100 square miles; many animals are found exclusively, or nearly exclusively, on the Channel Islands, including the island spotted skunk, the island fence lizard, and the Townsend’s big-eared bat. While lounging near the beach waiting for our return ferry back to the mainland, some of us saw an island fox, which is the only carnivore unique to California and is found only on the Channel Islands. The island fox, once at risk of extinction, now happily sidles up alongside tourists, as it has no natural predators on the island. I also got to see a couple of bald eagles soaring high above (using those rented binoculars, available for $6 at the harbor) as well as an island scrub-jay, a small bird with deep cobalt blue plumage that is found nowhere else in the world but Santa Cruz Island. Because of our late arrival at Prisoners Harbor, we weren’t able to complete the entire hike to Pelican Bay. What we managed, though, was well worth it: a challenging but doable path that offered beautiful views of the coastline and Pacific as well as opportunities to see wildlife. After we made it back to our starting point, there was still quite a bit of time before our ferry was to arrive. So I started the “easy” hike up the Del Norte trail: It looked alarmingly steep. After a quarter-mile of walking directly uphill, I was getting winded. After another half-mile, I decided to turn back. The so-called easy hike was twice as difficult as the one to Pelican Bay. After an uneventful (and much less nauseating) ride back to shore, I was still feeling up for another quick adventure before heading home. Ojai, about 30 minutes from Ventura, was once a dusty ranch town but has become something of a New Age Shangri-La for Los Angeles’s well-to-do. A drive down the main arcade on Ojai Avenue is worth it, but I ended up in a more modest section of town on El Roblar Drive looking for dinner. I found it at La Fuente Mexican restaurant, where I ordered an enormous pambazo sandwich: a white roll slathered in red pepper sauce and stuffed with chorizo and potatoes ($6). On the drive back to Los Angeles, I thought of the gorgeous sunset I’d just seen over Surfer’s Knoll, a small beach near the ferry dock in Ventura; the spicy, filling sandwich I’d just had; and, of course, the great day of hiking in one of the country’s most singular national parks. Even the traffic to Los Angeles was almost nonexistent. I couldn’t have wished for a better ending. LOS ANGELES TIME NEWS ARTICLE RE: OXNARD SHORES New Rich Person Summer Spot: Oxnard, the Montauk of LA Friday, June 29, 2012, by Adrian Glick Kudler Pictured: 925 Mandalay Beach Rd., which is asking $2.75 million The Hollywood Reporter declares that $70,000 a month Malibu rentals are fine and all, but the cool kids (you know, like Dave Grohl and...Pat Sajak) are now heading up the coast to Oxnard. Oxnard! Here's a little New Yorkist explainer from Keller Williams real estate agent Susan Blau: "If this were back east, Oxnard would be Montauk and Malibu would be East Hampton." THR says Oxnard is great because the beaches are relatively wide, it's cheaper than "more well-known communities" (one agent says "a stunning home" comes in at $2.5 to $3 million), and it's pretty under the radar and therefore not packed. So there's no Nobu, but, as one agent puts it: "you are not going to run into your boss, or someone who is going to pitch something to you." (On the other hand, the LA-aping street names might confuse the hell out of you.) As for what you can get, real estate wise: "The housing stock, all on typically narrow 20- to 30-foot-wide lots, ranges from midcentury A-frame surf shacks (right now, there's a $2.3 million listing at 4161 Ocean Drive) to contemporary spreads (a $2.9 million residence on Ocean Drive put on the block by Warner Bros. executive vp/CFO Edward A. Romano)." - A Mellower Beach Vibe Awaits Hollywood Players in Oxnard [THR] A Mellower Beach Vibe Awaits Hollywood Players in Oxnard 6:00 AM PDT 6/19/2012 by Gary Baum SHARE Comments 2 In-the-know industry-types are heading an hour up the coast from Malibu to Ventura County's quieter beach scene, the Montauk of SoCal. As the second-home summer season hits high gear and Malibu begins to yet again resemble a zoo, savvy industry players eager to skip the scene but keep the sunscreen are heading a bit farther up the coast to the beaches of Oxnard in Ventura County, on the way to Santa Barbara. Fox Filmed Entertainment co-chief Jim Gianopulos has a place there, along with the likes of Dave Grohl, Pat Sajak and A-list attorney Warren Dern. "It's fantastic, quiet, beautiful," says Shelley Browning, CEO of management firm Magnolia Entertainment. She and husband Ken, a top entertainment lawyer, purchased in the area -- which is an hour north of Los Angeles -- after looking seriously at several properties on Malibu's Carbon Beach. "Here, you have none of the nonsense of other beach towns -- the noise and traffic and parking issues and headaches." As Keller Williams real estate agent Susan Blau puts it: "If this were back east, Oxnard would be Montauk and Malibu would be East Hampton." STORY: Why Celebrities Like Justin Bieber Are Flocking to L.A.'s Suburbia The neighboring stretches of the Oxnard coast -- from north to south are Mandalay Shores, Hollywood Beach and Silver Strand -- long have been a favorite of those in the business: from The Sheik, starring Rudolph Valentino, being shot on its dunes to Clark Gable and Carole Lombard famously sharing a quaint wooden bungalow in the neighborhood. Even Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall were rumored to have kept a beachfront love nest there. Prime Oxnard oceanfront property lures buyers for three reasons. First, the wide-for-the-region sandy beaches. Second, the value relative to more well-known communities. And third, the sparsely populated shore remains mostly under the radar and off the cosmopolitan grid. Unlike Malibu, there are no chichi boutiques or hot restaurants. The housing stock, all on typically narrow 20- to 30-foot-wide lots, ranges from midcentury A-frame surf shacks (right now, there's a $2.3 million listing at 4161 Ocean Drive) to contemporary spreads (a $2.9 million residence on Ocean Drive put on the block by Warner Bros. executive vp/CFO Edward A. Romano). STORY: Ryan Seacrest Buying Ellen DeGeneres' Beverly Hills Estate "It's the last undiscovered, or at least underappreciated, beach area along the Southern California coast," says hotel designer Darrell Schmitt (The Peninsula Beverly Hills), who has a house on Hollywood Beach. Adds Ariel Palmieri of Coldwell Banker: "You can buy a stunning home in Oxnard for $2.5 million to $3 million versus $8 million to $10 million in Malibu. Plus, you are not going to run into your boss, or someone who is going to pitch something to you. You can be totally incognito. Yet at the same time it's very accessible: You can rise early on a Monday morning and still get into work back in L.A. if you want to." According to RE/MAX agent Gary Cuoco, oceanfront prices are down 35 percent from their peak of several years ago, but are holding. "Right now," he says, "people are picking up some amazing value on the sand." The ocean is 11 houses away! The harbor is a short stroll! Walk to a restorative yoga class at Yoga Channel. Restaurants within walking distance from our home: Pepe's Mexican Jetty Surf Cafe Quincy's Restaurant

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Water Taxis take you across the harbor Amtrak train station in Oxnard is a short uber drive away Rent bikes at the Embassy Suites

Getting here

from LA Take the 101 North. Exit on Victoria Avenue, turn left. (Note: The majority of your travel time will be spent on Victoria. However, Victoria turns into Roosevelt which turns into Island View until you get to Los Angeles Avenue). Continue on Victoria. Proceed for a couple of miles past Channel Islands Blvd. Victoria then turns into Roosevelt. Go through a stop light (the harbor will be on your right hand side) and the next stop sign will be San Nicholas. Stay on Roosevelt and veer left (in other words, do not turn right on San Nicholas). Roosevelt turns into Island View. Continue straight on Island View. Go almost to the end of the street. Turn right on Los Angeles Avenue. 3rd house on R.

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Deborah B.
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  • Bedroom 1: King bed
    Bedroom 2: Queen Bed
    Beds in other rooms: Sofa beds 2 Twin beds


  • Grill
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  • High Speed Internet
  • Hot tub/Jacuzzi
  • Linen provided
  • Parking Included
  • Pet Friendly
  • Towels provided


  • Ceiling Fans
  • Clothes dryer
  • DVD player
  • Hair dryer
  • Iron
  • CD player
  • Refrigerator
  • Satellite TV
  • Microwave
  • Stove
  • Telephone
  • Toaster
  • TV
  • Washing machine


  • Bikes
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  • Cycling Trips
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Reviews (27)

Very Good – based on 27 reviews Very Good
27 reviews

“Tranquility by the Sea”

Reviewed 20 Jun 2016

As we drove up to the Silverstrand Beach Cottage, we knew we were in for a treat. The exterior of the cottage is a delicious green that immediately set itself apart from other nearby homes. Little did we know what would be waiting us inside. Upon opening the front door and peering inside, we were transported back in time, but with modern day amenities. The cottage is absolutely precious! I honestly would love to know the history of the home. As you walk inside, you are greeted to a lovely fireplace with tiled surround and stately mantle. The floors are divine. The bedrooms downstairs were appointed with the best of linens (especially the master) and my son and I agreed that we felt like we slept on clouds that night! The downstairs bathroom was large and full of beach towels and bathroom linens. I fell in love with the hand soap! It had a lovely smell which made it easier for me to see if my three children really had washed their hands! The kitchen was just perfect for what we needed. We mainly had fruit and sandwiches, but did splurge on takeout from Quincy's one night. Now to the three children fell in love! They immediately found the dollhouse and played with it until bedtime. (Even my 12 year old son!) The twin beds and toys were a huge hit with my eight and five year olds. As a mother, I loved having the washer and drier so close to the kitchen. The backyard was an oasis in itself. Although we only stayed two nights, we used the beach toys and boogie boards provided by the owners. I would have loved to use the outside grill for dinner. The beach was a short half block away and the neighbors were very friendly. The outdoor shower was a blessing to use to rid ourselves of the sand. We enjoyed our time at the Silverstrand Cottage and would highly recommend staying here to others.

“Romantic Getaway”

Reviewed 26 May 2016

The cottage really is charming, my wife loved it. The only downside is if you over 6'2" the shower will be a bit cramped, but if you are that height like I am you're used to it by now : ). The owners where very accommodating. The Cottage is full of cooking utensils, books, games, movies and the Wi-Fi is fast. The SPA heats up quick, it's an older model but it will fit four. We are really looking forward to going back next year.

“The Perfect Getaway”

Reviewed 5 Apr 2016

We've stayed here before and hope to stay here again. The pictures don't do it justice. Deborah clearly takes great care to lovingly furnish and decorate this beautiful house. Most important to me, the beds are new and the mattresses are firm. My family actually enjoyed relaxing in the back yard as much as we did going to the beach. I've already explored openings for a return trip!

“Lovely home and wonderful stay”

Reviewed 20 Aug 2015

We had an amazing time at your beautiful Silverstrand home. The house was immaculate and had all the amenities we needed. The location was perfect - such a quick stroll to the beach to see the wonderful sunsets and swim in such a beautiful ocean. We loved that the bathroom was stocked with lots of shower essentials, had lots of towels and cannot begin to say enough about the OUTDOOR shower. What a treat after the beach. The backyard space is perfect - the jacuzzi was so welcome after a day at the beach and hanging out in the backyard felt like our own private oasis. The beds in the house were wonderfully comfortable and the kitchen had all that we needed. We will definitely return! Thank you for a great vacation.

“2015 Vacation”

Reviewed 20 Aug 2015

Lovely home, plenty of space for the 5 of us. The teens loved the loft bedroom. It was great having the second toilet. We spent a lot of time on the back patio. Hot tub, BBQ, patio table, cute twinkle lights. Beds super comfy. Pleasure to work with homeowner. So close to the beach and everything you need for a day there onsite. Towels, chairs, toys, umbrellas. Kitchen had all that we needed too. Can't wait to go again.


Reviewed 25 May 2015

Everything about this rental was wonderful, from the terrific communication with Deborah prior to, during and after our stay to the amenities at the house (the bed is the most comfortable ever!). We felt right at home. Great assortment of games that included childhood favorites, and a nice assortment of videos even though we didn't use those. Kitchen was equipped with everything I could want, even though our plans didn't allow for much cooking in. The back yard is delightful and the hot tub under the stars was so relaxing. The bonus of our visit was getting to see the whales as they migrated north- such a treat. I hope our travels bring us to Oxnard again, we would definitely choose this Silverstrand Beach cottage again .

“Awesome place and so close to the water!!!”

Reviewed 3 Feb 2015

Everyone needs to come here it is amazing and nice play to stay and central to everything. Clean and well kept nice little oasis by the sea

“Early Christmas at the Beach”

Reviewed 23 Dec 2014

My parents live in Ventura which is next to Oxnard and several of us came home for and early Christmas. We had 6 adults staying at the Beach Cottage. It was was perfect for our stay. plenty of space, nice kitchen, very clean and right on the beach. We used the jacuzzi in the evening which was great. I grew up in Oxnard and Silverstrand where the house is located and it is my favorate beach in the area. Weather was good and we had no issues. I would stay here again.


Reviewed 4 Dec 2014

This cottage was PERFECT for our visit. It was very near the beach and was simple but suited our needs. It was very clean, and the fenced in back yard was great for our yorkies. The small bedroom upstairs worked so well for the little ones. We loved it.

“Cute beach house”

Reviewed 20 Sep 2014

We enjoyed our stay. Very relaxing. Just a couple of initial hiccups. Push up and then pull down on gate padlock to open. Windows must be completely closed at top to lock properly at bottom. Owner has a pretty comprehensive notebook of instructions in house. You'll enjoy.

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