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About Loiza

Loiza has the largest Afro-Caribbean population in Puerto Rico, and offers a distinct alternative to other destinations on the island. The town was settled by African slaves in the 16th century and purportedly named for a female taino cacique, or chief, who was one of only two in the Caribbean and the only female cacique in Puerto Rico. Relaxing Loiza beachfront vacation rentals offer a peaceful retreat within view of the sparkling ocean.

Things To Do

Often overlooked in favor of places like El Yunque or Fajardo, Loiza offers a more secluded escape, ideal for travelers who want to avoid the rush of vacationers. Aviones Beach offers the ideal combination of shallow water and wave force for consistently favorable surfing conditions. If you’re looking for calmer waters, Vacía Talega Beach is a prime pick. The calm bay is ideal for swimming, while the tropical vegetation offers welcome shade on the beach.

If you’re looking for historical intrigues, visit Maria de la Cruz Cave. This cave revealed evidence of the area’s earliest human inhabitants, yielding artifacts from as early as 4000 BC. San Patricio Church is another must-see landmark in the area. Holding a place of pride in the town square, this historic church was constructed in 1645 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Off the beach head to Pinones State Forest. Here you'll find Pinones Lagoon, a stunningly blue body of water deep in the forest. Kayaking is very popular and kayaking tours are available for families to explore the area. 


Loiza’s mild temperatures are ideal for relaxing outside of Loiza beachfront vacation rentals and soaking up the sun. Summer highs are near 90 degrees F and lows hover around 77. From December to March, you can enjoy comfortable highs around 84 degrees F and lows around 72. Precipitation is highest in August and lowest in March and April.


The best time to visit Loiza is during the annual Fiestas Tradicionales en Honor a Santiago Apóstol, or the Festival of Saint James. This week-long event honors the local patron, Saint James, with parades, concerts, and lively celebrations. Four types of masked characters take to the streets for the festival. They are known as Los Caballeros, Los Vejigantes, Los Viejos, and Las Locas, representing Spanish knights, the devil, local men, and crazy women. You can also listen to a distinctive bomba y plena ...

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