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About Galveston

Galveston, Texas is a city on the barrier Islands of Galveston and Pelican, making it a favorite among beach goers. With soft sand, the gentle lapping water of the Gulf of Mexico, and tons of Galveston beach vacation rentals, it's also a Spring Break hotspot. There's more to this area than just a beach. It's rich in history and has some of the most beautiful Victorian architecture in Texas.

Things to Do

As expected, Galveston offers a number of seaside activities like sunbathing, swimming, boating, and fishing. Visitors enjoy parasailing in the gulf, jet skiing, paddle boarding, and many other water activities. But if you're planning a trip here, you'll also want to check out the Strand National Historic Landmark District. Here a number of Victoria-era buildings are refurbished and repurposed for use as restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.

Galveston's rich tourist culture makes it a hotbed for both public and self-guided tours. Check out wildlife, nature and harbor structures while riding high on the blue crescent waves of boat tours. Consider taking bike, train, carriage, or walking tours that can guide you through historic centers and landmarks. You can also explore public art exhibits, and view some of the impressive tree sculptures that dot Galveston's landscape. Scare yourself up some fun by partaking in a ghost tour through the city's oldest cemeteries.

Museums, opera houses, and homes dating back to the founding of the town share a part of Galveston that many overlook. Each offers a special voice in the recounting of Galveston's colorful history. Stop by The Grand 1894 Opera House, the Moody Mansion Museum, or the oldest building in town, the 1838 Michel B. Menard Home to travel back in time.

Some of Galveston's most popular family-oriented attractions are water parks. All kinds of water sports can be experienced on nearby beaches too, including Stewart Beach, R.A. Apfell East Beach Park, and Seawolf Park on Pelican Island. The largest of these water parks, Schlitterbahn, is sure to entertain the entire family for hours on end with its extensive variety of rides and water-related activities.

Galveston's illustrious record in various commercial industries has given it the artifacts and opportunity to found a number of museums. Visit the Galveston Railroad Museum, the Lone Star Flight Museum, the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling and Rig Museum and others for visual history exhibits. If ...

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