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About Surfside Beach

When you hear the phrase “vacationing in Texas”, your first thoughts are probably dude ranches, BBQs and livestock grazing in open fields. Not many people would think of surfing, building sand castles and swimming in the ocean, and that's why Surfside Beach is such a great exception to the stereotypical Texas.
While the state is known for activities like ranching and horseback riding, Surfside Beach offers nautical activities like fishing, surfing and boating. Thanks to coastline location, there's no other spot in Texas where you can launch your boat right into the Gulf of Mexico. Surfside Beach is home to hundreds of different marine life as well as herons and egrets, mottled duck, white-tailed kite, and scissor-tailed flycatcher, just to name a few species, for your birdwatching family members.
Surfside Beach's climate is perfect since nice, sunny beach days far outweigh any overcast rainy weather that it may get. During the month of July, the average high is 91 degrees with a very comfortable sea breeze, while in the winter, it can cool down to about 45 degrees, which can be pleasant for anyone who dressed appropriately.
Even though Surfside Beach is a small community, they plan a number of big events year round. If you visit in June, make sure you stop by the Fort Velasco Art Show and support local artists by buying some unique pieces of art. The Thunder on the Brazos dinner event in August helps raise funds for the restoration of the historic Fort Velasco, which the residents of Surfside are currently focusing on turning into a museum and visitor center. If dressing up is your idea of fun, schedule your trip to  Surfside Beach for October the Sharkies Halloween Party and Scavenger Hunt on the 31st!

One of the most popular and longest running events at Surfside Beach is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in March. This is one of the most entertaining events in Surfside Beach and is something that all family members can appreciate and enjoy. In addition to the parade, food is also available for the whole family and there will be plenty of adult drinks on hand for parents and adult members of the family. Yet another event that families may wish to take part in is the Texas Swordfish Seminar. This is a charitable event that takes place at the Surfside Marina in April. At this event, professional fishermen give presentations on various swordfishing techniques in the Gulf of Mexico.
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