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Karen J. Fowler was born in San Diego, California on July 23rd, 1975. Her mother was a professor at a local University and her father owned a bookstore in the downtown area. By the time Karen was 8, she was actively helping out at the store after school and spending her free time reading about the wonders of the world beyond San Diego.

When Karen turned 16, she took a cross country trip with her parents to Cape Cod, MA. Karen's mother grew up in Boston and was excited to finally show Karen the beauty of the east coast. It was on this trip that Karen was bitten by the travel bug. Upon returning to San Diego, Karen promptly began applying to colleges in the Boston area. After receiving several letter of acceptance, she picked her favorite and went back east.

After spending four years studying European History and thoroughly enjoying the area, Karen was met with an interesting proposition from her roommates. After graduation, they planned to move to southern Florida and start their own travel agent business. For the next several years, their business thrived and Karen enjoyed putting together custom historical tours for clients.

Though their agency continued to thrive, one day a very prominent travel company approached one of Karen's business partners with an offer that could not be refused. The three friends talked, agreed to dissolve the business, and went their separate ways. Karen then moved back to Boston with her own list of contacts and clients. Within weeks she had set up her own travel business and has been working hard at it ever since. Karen is absolutely thrilled to be joining the team at Vacationhomerentals.com as a content developer. When she has free time, Karen enjoys sailing, hiking, Thai food, and all the rich culture that Boston has to offer.

Karen Fowler

Karen Fowler

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