7 Ways to Connection Karma

Your guests want to be connected and will get frustrated if they can’t set up their laptops, iPads etc. as soon as they get settled in your vacation home.  Providing a good internet connection can also encourage low season rentals, when working people may be able to get away providing they have the means to stay in touch with the office.  And of course, having an internet service where several people can connect at the same time, is a great boon for families who arrive with numerous devices.

1.    Provide Wifi – meaning a wireless connection – not an internet stick or anything that involves wires. This can be from a line of sight tower, a DSL or cable connection or a satellite system.  Many previously un-served areas are now able to connect via 4G satellite where line of sight connectivity is not available.

2.    Install a Router – Wireless routers are inexpensive and enable several devices to be used at the same time.

3.    Consider buying a booster – For larger properties,  wifi boosters are available to extend the signal and provide extra coverage and may be worth considering to extend the signal to decks and docks.

4.    Check download limits – Be aware of the download limits imposed by providers and pass the information onto your guests.  It can be a nasty shock to get a bill for hundreds of $$s when a group of guests spent their entire vacation downloading movies and TV shows.

5.    Create a troubleshooting guide – Put together a help and troubleshooting guide that describes the system and explains how to reboot the router and fix minor problems.  If the connection is prone to outages in bad weather, let your guests know.  This will prevent the panic phone call each time the signal drops out.

6.    Offer easy access to network keys/passwords/SSID.  In areas where there may be a wide selection of wireless networks available, make sure your SSID and network key are easily found.  Create a section in your Welcome Guide to clearly state the information guests need to connect easily.

7.    Provide a multi-device charging station to enable your guests to stay charged and connected without having a bundle of wires spread all over the place.  They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Paying attention to the high tech needs of your guests will reduce stress on them, and since you will spend less time on the phone being a ‘help desk’ technician, it will be easier on your nerves as well.  If you haven’t got the technical expertise to set it all up yourself, try the neighbor’s kids and you’ll have it working in no time!