Added Value Services

If you live close to your property or have a caretaker who is willing to be more involved with your guests, then you have a real opportunity to create a menu of added-value services. These are the type of services that can create some additional income as it is quite acceptable to add a small fee onto the net cost of some of the items. Advertising the services on your listing can help you stand out from the competition. These are some of the added value services you could offer:

Equipment rentals- boats, skidoos, etc. Work with a local provider of rental equipment to offer a rental package. They may give you a discount in which case you can offer it with a mark-up to their published rates.

Restaurant reservations

Local restaurants are looking for business. They may supply you with discount vouchers you can pass on to your guests when you make a reservation for them. Include reviews of local eating places in your Guest Guide with sample menus if possible. Creating this type of relationship with your local providers.

Celebration items

Families often book vacation rentals for celebrations – birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Consider offering a celebration package that includes a cake, balloons, party favors etc. For anniversaries or Valentines, a chocolates and champagne package would be appropriate.

Pre-arrival shopping

Where guests are flying in and may arrive late at night, it’s a nice touch to offer a pre-arrival shopping package. Provide a checklist of items they can choose from and have everything put away for their arrival at the property. It would be appropriate to charge a fee for this service.

Tee times

Where there are local golf courses, offer to book tee times. You may find the course will provide you with discount vouchers for carts or a 2 for 1 package or something similar. Bear in mind that golf courses are in a competitive business so it’s a good idea to ask for some sort of bonus to offer your guests.

Ski passes

Visitors arriving at ski resorts don’t want to spend time organizing ski passes, classes, rentals etc. If they were on a package holiday with a ski company, all this would be pre-arranged, so work with your resort to provide your rental guests with a list of options, and ensure that everything they require is there for them.