Are Your Bathrooms Zen-like?

I’ve been viewing a number of properties recently the owners are considering offering for rental.  It’s interesting that while I’m getting my guided tour of each property, the one room that get’s glossed over is the one that many guests find most important, and that is the bathroom. 

On each occasion, the bathroom door has been opened and there’s usually an airy comment of ‘here’s the bathroom – usual stuff…’

Even in properties where the owner had made the effort to stage the rest of the house – table laid up, flowers etc., the smallest room has missed out on all the attention.

I know that getting great photos of bathrooms can be challenging and many people don’t include them in a listing.  However, there is a lot of benefit in creating a zen-like look in a bathroom and showing it off. 

We talk about the importance of first impressions and how a poor one can override much of the effort made in creating a good looking space.  If you think about a travel-weary family arriving at your place, the first place they are looking for is often the bathroom, so the attention given there is very worthwhile as their overall first impression may start there.

For some bathrooms, getting it right may mean some renovations and refurbishment, but those changes could result in more interest and consequently, higher occupancy. Here’s some décor and staging tips:
  • 1970s green and yellow marbled splashbacks are so dated and could be replaced fairly inexpensively with a pedestal basin.  Install some shelves above.  This creates a more spacious look in a smaller bathroom.
  • Remove bathroom carpeting and replace with tile, or the new-style vinyl tile that is warmer underfoot but has the look of traditional tile flooring – they can even be grouted.
  • Replace old shower rods with a curved model and hang a new curtain.
  • Take a good look at bath surrounds and the fittings.  Are there signs of rust or lime stains?  If so, these need to be removed and fittings replaced.  A new showerhead and basin taps can make a big difference.
  • Install a large mirror above the sink
  • Avoid taking photos that include the toilet.  If the space is very small and a full-on photo is going to show it, consider towel lightly tied with a ribbon
  • Don’t overdo the accents – keep it simple with a bowl of shells and a vase of silk flowers or a hanging green plant to provide some colour
  • Experiment with angles to take photos.  Bathroom pictures can be a case of ‘less is more’ with focus on a smaller area, such as the towel rack mentioned above.
  • Remover plungers, toilet brushes and other cleaning items before you take the photo.  These can go back after, but have no place in a chic bathroom image.  On that note, if a toilet roll is in view, don’t leave a half or empty roll – replace with a full, new one.
  • Replace old lace curtains at the windows with wood slat blind.  For a small window these are fairly inexpensive but make a bathroom look elegant. Just make sure the slats are cleaned and free of dust.
  • Taking a shot with a mirror in view can work well – just make sure it isn’t you in the mirrored image!
There are a lot of very simple 2-minute tips here that if you take the time to follow them in your bathroom can make a ton of difference.  Have fun with this and take your time.  It will be well worth your while.
  • other images that can give the impression of the cleanliness and sparkle.  A shot of shiny tiles or taps is better than one of the pan, especially if the seat is up
  • Do not take any photos that include your personal items – toothbrushes, razors etc.  This is a big turn-off.
  • Create a spa look with rolled towels on a bamboo rack, or fold them with a bath towel + hand