The Importance of Sleep Quality

One of the most common things you would probably hear your guests say to each other is “how did you sleep?”.  It’s hardly surprising since getting a good night’s sleep is a major goal for most people on vacation.  We live in such a sleep-deprived world that getting away from the stresses of work and everyday life and enjoying relaxation and the potential of deep and tranquil sleep is a major driver toward a vacation.  A 2010 Ipsos poll showed that 80% of Americans cited being tired, cranky or restless as the sign they need a holiday, so the attention we pay to the quality of sleep and relaxation of our guests can deliver a lot of satisfaction

Here’s some questions for you:
  • Have you slept in every one of the beds in your vacation home?
  • Are the linens equal to, or better than the ones you use at home?
  • Do you offer your guests choices of duvets, comforters or sheets and blankets?
  • Are your top linens (duvet covers, bedspreads, comforters, blankets) laundered regularly?
Your answers to the above should be Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes, or you may need to consider the overall quality of the sleep experience you are providing.

Beds of equal standard
It’s natural to supply a really good bed and mattress in the master bedroom, but it’s important to give equal attention to other rooms where adults sleep, particularly if you market to multi-family groups or groups of couples.  Starting a vacation feeling miserable because you drew the short end of the straw and got the lower bunk with the thin mattress, ratty comforter and cheap sheets is no fun.  This can affect the entire group if the others then feel guilty because they are enjoying the pillow-top and 600 thread count sheets. 
TIP:  Memory foam mattress toppers can improve comfort of lower quality mattresses

Quality of linens
The beds in your vacation rental are not the place for the sheets and pillow covers you have worn out at home.  Look at them as you would if you were entering a boutique hotel room.  Do they look like they are good quality, well ironed and welcoming?  The bedroom is one of the first places your guests will check out, so make sure the quality is high.
Tip:  Avoid the cheap offers of ‘high thread count’ sheets often seen in sidewalk sales and home shows.  Similarly priced lower thread count option are often much better quality.  Make sure you feel them before buying.

Give guests a choice
Just because you enjoy a light covering on your own bed, does not mean your guests will as well.  Some like a warm room and thin bed covers; others would prefer cooler temperatures and snuggle down under a thick quilt.  Making up a bed with sheets, a cellular blanket, and a duvet or comforter on top give them a choice as to what they will use.
TIP:  In areas with distinct seasons provide light duvets/comforters in summer, and a heavier choice for winter.

Keeping it all fresh and clean
It goes without saying that the base linens (sheets and pillow covers) will be laundered after each set of guests.  However, there is an argument that all bedding should be fresh, which can create issues if you use heavy comforters that are not designed for frequent washing.  The best choice is to use good quality duvets with removable covers that are laundered along with the sheets.
TIP: Have two sets of linen for every bed so changeovers are quick and easy with no waiting for the laundry to be done.