Why Attention to Detail Matters

We need to accept that guests are becoming more demanding as they continue to move from booking hotels to choosing our particular brand of accommodation for their vacation.  They want to find a professionally produced listing with outstanding photographs, businesslike correspondence that creates confidence, and when they arrive, they expect a meticulously presented property.  Paying attention to detail at every stage of the process will help you meet those expectations.

Attention to detail in a listing….

…means that every word is spelled correctly; the listing reads well grammatically; sentences are not too long, and the structure of the listing gives a flow that takes readers easily from one aspect of the property to another.  Of course, lists of amenities and facilities should be accurate, and immediate action taken to remove anything that is no longer available or operational.

Attention to detail in photographs…..

…. means setting up for a photo shoot rather than taking ad hoc pictures.  Planning ahead for images to go on the listing will entail removing things that will stand out, such as dog bowls, magnets on a fridge, toothbrushes on a bathroom shelf, garbage cans, and dish drainers.  Spend time reviewing how the images will look to potential guests before taking the picture, then check the result before moving on to the next room.

Attention to detail in your correspondence……

…..means never spelling someone’s name incorrectly; reading their email accurately so you know what they are asking for and can respond appropriately;  providing a professional looking signature block with a link back to your listing, web site or Facebook page, and avoiding ‘cute’ email templates.

Attention to detail in your property…..

….means delivering on the promises you have made with the listing, the images and your correspondence, and ensuring it is spotlessly clean and nothing has been overlooked.  Check your board games, packs of cards and DVD covers to make sure nothing is missing and the contents are intact; do a regular audit of your kitchen cupboards to check that previous guests haven’t inadvertently taken a frying pan or casserole dish when they checked out, and keep your tourist information up to date.

The wealth of choice available to visitors and the ability to post reviews online has turned many vacationers into travel critics.  They are setting the bar higher each year and the only way to deal with this is meticulous attention to detail.