Getting Your Guests to Go Green

It would be great if all our guests were motivated towards eco-friendly behavior on vacation.  In a perfect world, they would always turn lights and ceiling fans off in rooms when they were not in use; would raise the A/C thermostat levels so it didn’t come on as often; would only use the washing machine with a full load, and would be diligent at recycling. 

Hmmm….yes, and pigs might fly too!

I get it.  A vacation is time to relax, not only body and mind, but all the things we are ‘meant to do’ in our regular home environment.  People who regularly compost and recycle, tell their children to close doors to keep the heat in – or out, and only do their laundry on the ‘budget’ rate, will throw that all to the wind when holiday time comes around.

So, what can you do as responsible owners to get your guests to buy into to your environmental efforts? 

You could put a page in your Welcome Book that describes how important it is to follow good environmental practices, even on vacation, but this is more likely to be missed or ignored than an independent leaflet or similar stand-alone statement.

This is what I put in my cottages and it seems to encourage better understanding of the need to care for the environment.  It is in a frame, made to look attractive and hung on the kitchen wall.
We love our country home and its beautiful location.  Responsibilities come with living here, in protecting the environment and ethical stewardship of our piece of this paradise, so that our children, your children and their children get to enjoy it as we do today.  Here are some things we do to protect the eco-balance of our cottage
  • Respect the delicate balance of the septic system and never flush or drain away paper products (other than toilet paper), oils and grease etc
  • Turn out lights and unplug appliances when not in regular use.
  • Remember that fans cool people, not rooms, so turn them off in empty rooms.
  • Don’t use outside lights unless absolutely necessary – enjoy the stars and moonlight instead
  • Only use the environmentally friendly paper products and cleaning supplies we have provided
  • Use the washing machine for full loads only
  • Dry clothes on the outside line – you’ll love how they smell and feel after a natural air dry
  • Recycle as per local landfill instructions
  • Compost organic waste in the bin provided
  • Feel  good that you are contributing to protecting this beautiful part of the world for future generations