Handling Inquiries & Bookings

Inquiries and Bookings are the focus of your efforts. It's important to be prepared to best handle inquiries and bookings. A little attention in advance will certainly pay dividends down the road.


From the time your property is listed you should be ready to handle phone and email inquiries. Set up an easy system that anyone in the family can use and make sure every inquiry is recorded so you can refer back to it if required. A simple method is to have a ring binder with a year-calendar at the beginning. Create an inquiry form to list the name of the potential guests, the dates they are looking for and a section for comments where you can record the make-up of the group, and any specific requirements. Don’t forget to collect email addresses and telephone numbers for use in future promotions.

Booking Systems

The components of your booking system will give you a simple to follow sequential system. If you assign each confirmed booking a separate folder and put copies of all the paperwork in each one, you’ll have an ongoing record of reservations. A simple Excel spreadsheet can provide an overview of the state of the bookings at any time.