Is it Time to Upgrade Your Technology?

It seems no time at all since we were happy to find a vacation rental with a small box TV with rabbit ears – even that was luxury when my family was younger. Now the demand is for flat screen, games consoles, music systems that accept iPods, and surround sound.  And for those bemoaning the loss of the vacations spent on endless rounds of Monopoly or Scrabble, it’s time to get the Wii or Xbox ready to go.

We all know how the fast pace of technology advancement has made what seemed up-to-date even five years ago, obsolete now, and this applies as much to vacation rentals as it does to other forms of vacation accommodation.  Hotels and resorts are spending on upgrading technology as they realize guest expectations are rising and if they fail to meet those, they will lose customers.
  • Ipad loaded with the Welcome Book with links to local attractions and events
This is a great idea and may eventually replace the traditional binder that gets out of date very quickly.  There are new apps coming soon that will allow you to create a complete property guide that will display on your guests’ mobile devices, and if you have poor cell signal, it can be downloaded onto tablet for offline display.
  • Replace old tube TVs with flat screens – wall mount bedroom sets
Big TVs are so last decade and new ones are not going to break the bank.  Wall mounting them in bedrooms and even the kitchen can create guest happiness.
  • Offer at least one games console with a range of games – Wii or Xbox is most popular. 
If you have children or grandchildren, ask them what you should get.  They are the experts and will guide you in the right direction of the best games to buy.
  • Equip bedrooms with clock radios with iPod connection
These are inexpensive enough to buy one for at least each adult bedroom.  When couples travel together its worth ensuring they all feel treated equally so supplying the same for each one is a good idea.
  • Provide multi – unit charging stations with a variety of Apple connectors
These are easily obtainable anywhere that sells mobile devices.  As what would be the best buy for the range of devices your guests might bring.  Having spare connectors is a nice touch - a multi adaptor can be used for older and the new, thinner tablets that don’t have a traditional USB connector.
  • Supply a small photo printer with some photo paper
This is a nice touch particularly if you ask guests to print out their photos and pin them up on a board you provide.  Over the course of the summer you can create a great collage of guest photos.
Your guests will appreciate your efforts at keeping your technology up to date and will reward you with great reviews.