Live Like a Local Guide

Good local information can make a vacation so much better for your guests.  It saves them time researching things to see and do, and makes it so much easier for them to plan their trip.  You can include the information in your Welcome Book and send them a PDF version in advance so they can make reservations if required.

Ask your guests to comment on the activities, attractions, restaurants, and places of interest they have been to during their stay, and capture their tips and recommendations to add to your book .  Include the year the comments were made and delete old ones and add new, to keep it fresh and updated. You should include a brief description, an approximation of fees or rates, location, web address and telephone number.  Here are a few ideas of what to include:

Tours and trips
These are location dependent and could include boat trips, snorkeling and diving, ATV and snowmobile trips, sport fishing, dog sledding – any type of trip run by a tour operator or local provider.  Only included those you can either personally recommend or for which there are positive reviews from your guests.

Indicate where the best beaches are; how busy they get; if dogs are allowed; if they are lifeguard patrolled, and what the swimming is like.  Describe any nearby cafes or restaurants so visitors can plan their day out at the beach.

Give a brief description of each attraction and the admission charge (if any).  These could be local or National Parks, marine reserves, water or theme parks.

Golf Courses
Guests will want to know location, green fees, cart policies and recommendations on booking tee times. 

Provide information on any local equipment rental companies for boat, bike, ski, snowmobiles etc.  If these are likely to book out early, add a ‘book in advance’ recommendation.
Hiking, biking and dog walking trails
This is a useful section for outdoor enthusiasts.  Indicate the length of the trails and if they have to drive to get to them or if they are located close to the property. 

Guests want recommendations for eating out so they don’t have to risk the trial-and-error approach.  You can provide your own tips and include links to reviews, as well as encouraging guests to leave their own suggestions.

Provide good information on where your guests can shop for general food items as well as local produce.  Include a ‘Best Buy’ section.  For example a roadside stand may be the best place to buy fish or vegetables.