Managing Your Hot Tub

Having a hot tub at a vacation rental property can help achieve significantly higher occupancy than those without, and with good marketing and promotion, the cost of purchase, installation and maintenance can be recovered over a relatively short period of time.  However, installing a hot tub brings additional responsibilities and commitment to maintain the quality of the spa water.

Complaints about standards of hot tub cleanliness and some disturbing claims about skin conditions allegedly caused by the poor quality of tub water have appeared in the media recently.  This makes it all-important to adopt a stringent policy of spa management and these tips should help:
Check state and local legislation on hot tubs in rental properties.  Some states require licensing and building permits for installation – others waive some restrictions as long as the tub has a lockable cover.  Be on the safe side and do your research before going ahead.

Water change.  There are arguments for and against changing water after each rental use.  Providing maintenance and cleanliness procedures are carried out professionally, there should be no need to do this given the amount of time involved to change the water and bring it back up to optimum temperature.  Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take professional advice on when to change the water.

Maintenance.  Ensure the chemical balance of the water is checked before and after each rental and keep an up to date log of all treatments made to the water.  This will be useful if the cleanliness and chemical balance of the spa is challenged at any time.

Renter responsibilities and spa instructions.  Provide a clear set of instructions for spa use, keeping in mind that many rental guests have no experience with hot tubs and unless advised, will not be aware of potential risks.  If they are required to add chemicals e.g spa shock, be specific about quantities, clear on  any restrictions on using the tub after additions have been made, and only use branded products.

Issue reporting.  Advise guests to inspect the tub on arrival and inform you or your property management company if they feel it is not in good condition.  Ask them not to use the facility if the water becomes cloudy, foamy or has an unpleasant odor.

Attention to water clarity and condition will be rewarded by minimal problems providing guests follow the instructions you have left.  Make these clear and simple to understand, and you’ll have fewer issues and happier rental guests.