Top 8 Vacation Rental Changeover Tips

Cleanliness is one of the first things guests notice when they enter your property, and they are eagle-eyed.  In this respect, renting a vacation home is no different from paying hard-earned holiday money for a hotel or resort accommodation, so it’s important you feel confident your property passes the guest test

  Here’s a few things to check because your guests will be looking too:
  1. Under beds for dust bunnies and other leftovers
Always, always check under the beds after every rental.  Without going into detail, things can get left under the bed that you really don’t want your next guests to find.  
  1. Under couch cushions for crumbs and debris
If you have kids staying at your place, they will have eaten on your couch.  Guaranteed.  Cheez-its, pizza, Nachos, you name it; there will be debris down the side of the cushions.  If you are lucky you’ll also come across the change that came out of their pockets when they were fighting for the last M & M!
  1. Pillows and mattress covers for stains and marks
If guests are hot at night they will sweat.  It’s probably not something you want to think about, but yellow sweat stains on pillows and mattress covers are unsightly.  Use hypoallergenic pillow protectors and launder them, and the mattress covers, regularly.
  1. Window frames for dead bugs
There are bugs in most areas of the world – it could be flies, mosquitoes, moths etc.  but after a week of rental guests, someone  will surely have left the door open enough to invite a significant number of unwanted flying insects into a property.  They mostly end up expired in the window sills or frames, so it’s probably a good idea to check these on every changeover and vacuum them up.  New guests don’t want to see a pile of dead bugs.
  1. Cupboards, top of fridge and fan blades  for dust and grease
During the course of a rental season dust will settle on hard to reach places such as the tops of cupboards and the refrigerator and on fan blades.  If the kitchen is close, these areas will get greasy quickly and they’ll end up looking unsightly.  A cursory dust won’t get rid of this so take some time to examine these areas and clean them off regularly.
  1. Windows for sticky marks
Dog noses, kids’ fingers and probably the hands of the BBQ king will leave smudgy marks on windows and glass doors.  You don’t need to thoroughly clean the windows between each rental, but it’s a good idea to wipe off the evidence of previous guests.  Miss this out and your reviews will reflect the omission!
  1. General freshness (without chemical fragrances)
There is something about guests on their last day of rental – they love to have a last blast of vacation and it’s usually in the form of a big fried breakfast.  The residue of this can hang around long into the day and can be tough to eradicate.  Avoid just spraying a chemical freshener – instead just place some bicarbonate of soda in a dish, add some of your favorite essential oils and put these around the main level.  Before you leave, place them on tops of cupboards in the kitchen and they will continue to capture the odors.
  1. Front door for a welcoming look
Your entrance won’t remain welcoming all season without attention.  Whether it’s wiping off paw marks or teenage footprints (they are the ones who seem unable to open a door the conventional way – why do that when it can be kicked open), or polishing a door knob, it’s worth keeping an  eye on the door and how it looks to incoming guests.
Giving the attention to all the changeover tasks will pay dividends.  Not only will your new guests be as happy at the end of the season as your first ones were, keeping up with the ongoing maintenance will create less end-of-season work.