Under-Promise and Over-Deliver: 3 Ways to Delight Your Guests

Have you ever lined up for a ride at a theme park and seen the sign that tells you there is a 30 minute wait, only to find out when you get to the end of the line that it only took 15 minutes?  You feel great don’t you?  You had an expectation and then it was exceeded, which is a ploy created by Disney to improve customer satisfaction, and is now used extensively in marketing strategies across a wide range of products.

Here’s three examples of how to create a great expectation with your guests and then surpass it.

Pets Permitted

Pet owners are very respectful in general and can be great ambassadors for a property, spreading the word about a pet-friendly place through their networking efforts. They usually expect additional charges and rules regarding clearing up after their furry friends, and most will happily comply. You can easily create raving fans by going above and beyond in welcoming dogs and their families with just a few additions.

Put together a Pet Welcome Pack that includes the following:

  • Food and water bowl
  • Welcome letter addressed to the pet
  • A small bag of natural dog treats
  • Outside tie & spare leash
  • Old towels
  • Temporary collar tag with your property address & telephone number


Rainy Day Plans

Of course everyone wants the weather to be great while they are on vacation but it doesn’t always behave and you may find there is a houseful of rental guests wondering what to do when it rains. Providing satellite TV and a games system will be welcome, but go a couple of steps further and your guests will enjoy their bad weather days as much as the sunshine time.

Create a Rainy Day Guide that includes suggestions for things your guests can do both inside and outside the property. Show directions to indoor swimming pools, sports complexes, museums and art galleries and provide a list of great places to go shopping. Provide:

  • Dressing up box with (clean) old clothes, shoes and hats – kids will love it
  • Large DVD and paperback collection
  • Plenty of coloring crayons and coloring books
  • Child oriented baking equipment & ingredients – sprinkles/cup cake accessories etc


Cater to Foodies

People book vacation rentals for several reasons, one of which is to cater for themselves. They often lead busy lives and don’t have time for sit-down family meals, so taking a vacation in a rental property allows them to get together and reconnect.   Supplying a well-equipped kitchen meets expectations but you can go the extra mile by delivering all the little extras like:

  • Quality small appliances such as a slow cooker and food processor
  • Sharp knives and a good range of kitchen gadgets
  • A selection of herb and spices
  • Plenty of oven equipment including a cookie tray; loaf tins and a decent sized roasting pan
  • Think about how you would like to be ‘wowed’ if you were to book a vacation rental and provide all the bells and whistles for your guests. They will reward you with return visits, great reviews and referrals.