10 Tips for Creating Raving Fans

Exceeding expectations is the goal, and if you achieve this, you’ll reap the rewards which are often in the guise of social sharing. People love to share what they like and to show their friends what they are experiencing so make it a goal to wow your guests so much they will want to let all their friends know what a great time they are having.  You want them to get that iPhone out and start taking photos to show the world!  Here’s 10 ideas on ways to create shareable moments.

  1. Buy a chalk board and write a welcome message with your guests’ names on it.  Children love to see their names on a board like this.
  2. Supply a tablet with your Welcome book in PDF on it.  Include a brief video to introduce yourself as the owner and to share any important information you want them to know.  This is a nice way of letting them know you are available for questions within limits i.e. you can say they can call you but you’d appreciate it if it was before say, 7pm and after 8am in the morning.
  3. If your place attracts family groups, provide a dressing up box, so kids can have fun dressing up on rainy days.  Put in a couple of pairs of shoes, scarves, tutus (find them in a charity store), purses, and a box of bead jewelry.
  4. On the same rainy day theme, provide ingredients and materials for baking cookies or cupcakes.  Suggest guests take photos of them and post them on a pin board.
  5. Encourage guests to take pictures of their best BBQ meals – again get them to post the photos on the pin board.
  6. Plant a herb bed or create a big pot of assorted herbs for guests to pick.  Basil, rosemary, mint and chives and most popular.  If you can add a couple of pots of tomatoes – even better.  Guest will love harvesting their own salad vegetables.
  7. Create a big library of books, movies and games in a single cupboard or display cabinet.   
  8. Create a pet corner with a basket of dog toys – a ball or Frisbee;  a few old towels; a dog blanket or bed and a temporary dog tag. 
  9. Ramp up the luxury with beautiful bed linens staged like a boutique hotel bedroom.  Find ideas on my Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/cottageguru/staging-vacation-rental-homes/
  10. Go gourmet in your kitchen with upgraded small appliances.  A Keurig or Nespresso machine is a nice touch, as is an ice cream maker or bread making machine.  Make sure you include a good recipe book and any key ingredients such as packets of yeast.