5 Vacation Rental Professionals who can Save You Time and Increase Your Occupancy

Hiring a professional to do a skilled job is something most of us do frequently.  A plumber to fix the leak;  an electrician to do some wiring; a carpenter to build those steps.  These may be tasks you could do yourself if you wanted to learn the skills, but you generally accept the cost of hiring a tradesperson because it saves time and frustration.  So why do so many people take on tasks they have little  experience in, only to muddle through and hope for the best?  Mostly because they think there’s money to be saved, when in fact it’s a false economy.  Bringing in someone who really knows what they are doing can boost your bottom line and here’s five professionals that could help to take your vacation rental business to the next level.

Vacation Rental Consultant
This is the person who is experienced in every aspect of the VR business from creating a business plan, managing a marketing strategy both online and offline, setting up a property for rental, and understanding guest demands.  A good VR consultant will offer expertise on a one-off or on-going basis and can offer advice and recommendations through phone, email and face-to-face contact.  Choose one that manages his/her own property and has a proven track record in maximizing occupancy on multiple properties over a number of years.

Staging Professional
Realtors have seen the value in using stagers to help sell a home for a long time, and savvy agents will send their stager in before any photos are taken to ensure the place presents to appeal to all types of buyers.  The big difference with staging a vacation rental is that any piece of furniture, accent piece or artwork used, has to stay there so the place looks just like it does on the listing.  However, a VR stager will know where to source the items inexpensively.  A well-staged and photographed property will encourage visitors to linger longer on the listing, and one that stands out from the rest will contribute to increased occupancy.

Potential guests base their vacation rental decisions primarily on the photographs they see on a listing.  Dull and grainy images; badly lit and overexposed pictures and poorly set-up shots can all contribute to a lost booking because visitors to a listing aren’t seeing professionally taken photographs.  Hotels and resorts don’t take their own photos so unless you are an experienced location photographer, it may be a better idea to hire someone to do it for you.

There are a lot of bad videos out there.  Just Google ‘vacation rental’ on YouTube and there they are, in all their badly edited glory.  Hand-held filming of a property walkthrough is the most common example, usually with an audio track applied that infringes copyright.  A professional video will be skillfully edited, with either a voice-over or an appropriate royalty-paid piece of music.  It will have title credits and a call to action at the end, to ensure viewers take a look at the listing after they have seen it.  If you don’t have the filming, editing, audio, and post-production skills needed to create a polished presentation, find someone who can.

Web Designer
Nowadays, it is fairly easy to set up a good looking web site with some Wordpress skills, a flexible theme and some excellent graphics.  However, if I’ve already lost you with these three criteria, you might want to think about paying for someone to set it up for you and to teach you how to manage it yourself.  Web sites need to be continually updated with fresh material to maintain high visibility on the search engines, so if you are not able to do that yourself, it becomes expensive, which is why Wordpress is the favored platform for your site.