6 Pinterest Boards to Drive Traffic to your listing

Pinterest is growing and it should be an integral part of your social media strategy to drive traffic to your listing.  The more ways you can give potential guests to find your property, the more visibility it will get and Pinterest is a great opportunity to showcase your property, its location and activities and attractions in the area.

The quality of photography and images is paramount on Pinterest, so make sure everything you pin looks great and will encourage visitors to like, comment and repin.
Here’s 6 ideas for boards:

Favorite restaurants
Add photos of the exterior, menu and food plates.  Check out the restaurant website or better yet, their Pinterest page, and you should be able to find images to repin. Write a brief description for each image.

Rainy Days
Think of things your guests (and their children) would like to do on a rainy day at your vacation home.  Perhaps there is a quirky local museum - in our area we have a chainsaw museum and a museum of cheese – and post images from inside and outside.  Images don’t always have to be photos – you could pin a PDF of a driving tour with a map and interesting things to see on the way. 

Best Beaches
If you are in an area with some good beaches, pin photos of anything unique about them, whether it is shelling, seeing dolphins, sunset shots etc.  Write a short description saying how far they are from your property and their best features.

Photographs of the birds and wildlife in your area make for a great board.  The best part of this is that you can use photos from other sources providing they come with the link back to the originating source.  Avoid looking in Google Images as the link back will be to Google.com and will not benefit the originator.  Pinterest is all about sharing the link-love so this is very important.

If your property is in an historic area, you will be able to find great images of local places of interest.  Churches, plantation mansions, covered bridges, ruined castles etc, are all examples of historic buildings that would add interest to a Pinterest board.

Let’s say you are on or near waterfront.  You could pin images of kayaks, paddleboarders, a sign advertising whale watching trips, a lobster pot….in fact anything that promotes all the activities there are locally for your guests to do. 

Put pinners first
Before you start pinning, consider what your potential guests are really interested in and tailor your pinning to them.
What other boards could you start?  Share your boards so we can follow them.