A Gourmet Kitchen Makes Marketing Easy

For many guests, the primary reason for renting a vacation home is because they can do their own cooking, and have far more time on holiday to indulge a gastro-hobby than they do in their busy day-to-day lives.  For extended families it may be their annual opportunity to sit down for meals and spend more time together than they do at any other time of the year.   You can contribute to this experience by providing a fully-equipped kitchen supplied with all the utensils and facilities they need to cook large family meals.

Go a few steps further and deliver high quality in your kitchen features and you may have won a guest for life.  A secondary benefit of going the extra steps to create a space worthy of a kitchen genius is the marketing clout it will bring when you promote it as a ‘gourmet kitchen’.  If you don’t consider yourself an ‘expert’ in this field, ask a friend who loves to cook, what they would like to find if they chose a vacation rental for their holiday.

Here’s a few tips on providing the best chef experience:

Large appliances
Fridge/freezers should be up-to-date, fully functional and capable of storage for the size of group the property accommodates.  Gourmet guests tend to bring significant amounts of food and often a lot of frozen items, so it is worth letting them know the cubic capacity of your freezer space well in advance.  If you have space, a small chest freezer is a welcome addition.

Small appliances
Choose quality over quantity.  Having a top range food processor and blender is better than half a dozen faddy appliances that few people will use.  Watch a few cooking shows on the Food Network and you’ll see the same machines being used in each one – you’ll rarely catch a TV chef using an “As Seen on TV” gadget.

Pots and pans
Avoid cheap non-stick sets that won’t last a season in any vacation rental kitchen, and buy a good quality set of stainless steel pans.  These will stand up to any amount of use; will take the use of metal utensils, and are just as easy to wash up as the cheaper Teflon coated varieties.

Forget the fancy cheese graters and garlic peelers; a sturdy vegetable peeler and a standard grater will be enough to please visiting hobby chefs.  Add in a zest grater!

Herb garden
Providing a source of fresh herbs, particularly in an area where they may be hard to find in a simply stocked supermarket, will endear you to your guests.  A couple of planters outside the kitchen door supplying parsley, basil, mint, oregano, thyme and rosemary will have them