Email Lists and Newsletters

This is the time of year when inquiries are coming in to your inbox frequently.  Many of these potential guests will be disappointed to find you are already booked, but it’s important to remember they inquired for a reason – because they wanted to rent. If you weren’t able to accommodate them this time around, there’s a good chance they could choose another date or plan to book earlier next year.  Keeping your place in their minds is important and one way of doing this is to include their details on a mailing list and regularly send a newsletter or email update.  Before you start to enthusiastically bombard them with promotions and special offers, there’s a few things to consider first.

Get their permission

Everyone who has ever emailed you is a potential future rental guests and subscriber to your email list.  However don’t assume that because they have contacted you in the past, it’s OK to start sending them emails and newsletters – you have to get their permission first before you can add them to your list. 

How do I do this?

Send them an email and ask if they would like to hear from you with special offers, promotions and updates on improvements you are making to the property.  If you have a blog and regularly post on what’s happening in your area, ask if they would like to know when you have posted a new article.  Use an email and newsletter service such as Mail Chimp to add a sign-up form to your blog or web site.

What should I do with my list?

Your list of subscribers are those who have already expressed an interest in staying in your property and the fact they have subscribed means they are interested in hearing more.  You could plan a monthly newsletter that announces upgrades in features and facilities at the property such as when you install a hot tub, or a new entertainment system; upcoming events in the area, and spotlighting suppliers or local restaurants.  Use Email blasts to share special offers, last minute promotions, and seasonal discounts –for example, a ‘We pay your gas in May’ promotion might encourage people to book a short spring break and fill up some low season dates.

What will this cost?

If you have a small list, then it is free to use the Mail Chimp service.  It’s without the bells and whistles that comes with the full-blown version but should be more than sufficient for most owners to use to set up nice looking newsletters.