Great Photos Sell

The images you use on your listing will drive visitors to look further or move on.  This is particularly important in areas where there’s lots of competition.  Great photographs can draw a casual surfer into the listing and create desire, which increases the chance of an inquiry and then a booking. 

10 Tips for Getting Attention with your Images

Take time to plan your photo shoot rather than just pulling out the camera and taking a few quick photos.  There should be one of every bedroom, the kitchen, dining area, and living spaces.  Pictures of the exterior should be taken on a clear or non-overcast day and at a time of year when there is attractive greenery.

The goal is to have potential guests envision themselves having their dream vacation in your property.

1. Pay attention to detail in every photograph.  Remove dog bowls and trash cans, put toilet lids down, make beds perfectly, and position furniture carefully.  Set up each shot carefully, looking for potential distractions before taking the shot.

2. Remove all general clutter and remove all personal photos. Second homes often become a repository for all those knick knacks and ornaments you don’t want in your home but don’t want to throw away.  Trust me…your photographs will look a lot more inviting if you get rid of the souvenir camel your kids brought you back from Morocco or the plastic Eiffel Tower.

3. Make the kitchen look great by clearing everything away including small appliances. Polish any stainless steel, and clean all surfaces thoroughly.   Fill a polished wooden or glass bowl with fruit and place a recipe book on a stand open to a colorful page.  This will attract ‘foodies’.

4. Bedroom photos should look inviting.  The beds should be made up perfectly with attractive bedding, pillows, and cushions for accenting. Turn on the bedside lamps and take the photo from the foot looking towards the head of the bed.

5. Bathrooms are always tricky to photograph because we all know what a toilet looks like.  Aim to show off how clean a bathroom is with polished sinks and taps.  A picture of a polished basin with an attractively presented wicker basket filled with bath products to one side, can portray far more than a long shot of a shower curtain and a toilet seat.

6. Use different angles and experiment with different points of view.  Rather than trying to get everything into one picture, focus on an attractive feature such as a wrought iron staircase or a unique accent piece.

7. Instead of showing bare tables, lay them up for a meal with attractive dinnerware.  Patio tables look great with a bottle of white wine in an ice bucket and a bowl of fresh salad with a basket of French bread.  Help guests imagine siting down to an al fresco meal

8. If you must use the flash, avoid showing it in your images. The flash will reflect in anything shiny, such as stainless steel appliances, glass, or mirrors. Change your angle around until you've got a shot where there is no evidence of the strobe.

9. Your main photo should be your best one and should focus on your primary selling feature. That may be the exterior of the property but it could also be the view from a deck or a pool or hot tub.  Take a look at all your images and choose the one that is the most compelling and appealing.

10. Use a tripod for all your picture taking.  You will get better photos and just the action of doing this will slow you down and give you time to set up your shots.   It will pay dividends in the results.