Honing in on Your Headline

Getting people to look beyond your headline and initial image is a tough job with so much competition in the vacation rental market.  This makes it worthwhile spending significant time in getting this part of your listing eye-catching, attractive and readable.  After all, if a potential guest is not interested enough to read further down the page, you may have lost them forever.  

The first job is to identify your ‘persona’ or ‘personas’.  These are your ideal guests – the ones you will be targeting with your listing.  If you don’t do this it’s a little like throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping it will stick.  The chance of attracting your ideal guest is more of a random opportunity than a focused strategy.  

Let’s start with a few things that should not be in your headline:

Property name :   
Morgan’s Bluff – A Great Place to Stay
It doesn’t matter how catchy or attractive your property name is, it’s not going to encourage any reader to look further.  If you want to show off the name, include a photograph of the sign and explain in your description why you gave it the name.  

Location :
Vacation home rental Fort Lauderdale
Wasting headline real estate by using the location name can cost dearly.  Most visitors will know your location by the time they get to the listing so using the name in the title is a waste of space.

Home Away From Home-100% guest appd

It’s natural to want to get all your features in the headline but once you begin using abbreviations, the impact is lost as it begins to look like a classified advertisement.  Here’s some abbreviations to avoid:  blk; br; ba; ht, but in general they should be omitted altogether.

Stunning villa with spectacular views

Words such as gorgeous, luxury, stunning, beautiful, magnificent, amazing, stunning and spectacular are generally overused and can lose their impact quickly.  

So after removing all of these, what’s left?  

Copywriting is an art, and specialists spend hours on something as simple as a five or six word headline, so what can you do to improve yours?

The headline should include your unique selling point (USP) and should be paired with a photograph to double the impact

Watch Disney Fireworks From Your Private Balcony
The fireworks are a must-see part of the Disney experience and if they can be seen every night from your property, this could be your USP so make your primary photo one taken from the balcony to show what can actually be seen.  If necessary, find a professional photographer to capture the image.

Dolphins, Sea Shells and Perfect Sunsets
There are so many beachfront locations, it can be challenging to make your headline stand out.  Once again, think of your USP and select the photo that fits it the best.  With this one, an image of dolphins, a collection of sea shells or a great sunset image would all be appropriate.

Walk Your Dog On The Beach – Miles of Sand
An image of a dog running on your pet-friendly beach together with this headline, could have your dog loving guests zeroing in on your listing.  The pet owner market is huge and this type of image is a big attraction.

Is your headline doing the job?  Have you given it enough thought?  Take some time today to check it over and make some improvements.