Running a Photo or Video Contest

One sure-fired way to continue the relationship with your guests is to create a competition that will engage their interest while they are on vacation and carry it on when they get home.  My son Mike entered a competition while on a sailing vacation in Thailand and won 2nd prize which was money off his next sailing vacation with the company.  He then went on a second sailing holiday to ensure he made the most of his prize.  It was a definite win for the company as they gained a repeat customer they may otherwise not have had; and the nature of the competition was a great marketing boost for them too.  We aren’t offering sailing holidays in the Seychelles but the method the company used can work for us owners too.

Why run a contest?

Apart from engaging your guests, running a photo or video contest can generate some great marketing material for you – photos and video you can use to advertise and promote your property.  People love to hear from other users of a product and value those testimonials in their decision making.  Your guests are your best advocates so if you can get them to send you their best photos and video to post on your listing, your blog or website, you have a great marketing tool.

Designing and running a competition

This can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it, but however you plan your photo or video contest, make sure you consider all aspects of it, and that includes the legal implications.  Your country, state, or province could have legislation governing how you can advertise and carry out a contest online or otherwise, so make sure you check what the rules are in your part of the world.  If in doubt get some legal advice.

Check out this information for running a competition on YouTube

And this for running a contest on Facebook

As a much simpler alternative, you could just put a leaflet in the property describing the contest ; what you require entrants to do and what they can win.  Announce your winner and the prize they got on your web site or blog, and post the winning and runner-up entries. 


Any contest needs good prizes to encourage your guests to enter so you’ll need to think about what would make people want to enter.  Here’s some ideas:

·         Two days rental (to be taken as a stand-alone short break in low season, or perhaps as part of a longer rental period)

·         Their winning photo enlarged and printed to canvas (up to $150)

·         Promotional products advertising your property – beach towels, T-shirts, mugs, hats etc.

Try and keep the prizes related to your property – after all the idea is to keep the memories alive.

I’d love to hear any other suggestions you might have to maintain the interest of your guests long after their vacation is over.