What Guests Want

When searching for a vacation rental most potential guests start with a wish list that includes ‘must have’, ‘nice to have’ and ‘in your dreams’ criteria.  The more you are able to offer, the higher your property will rank on their short list, so check out these most-searched facilities and services.

Just add water

Water based activities top the list of most vacationers ‘must have’ lists. If you are fortunate enough to be on the water, or near a beach, this may be sufficient to attract visitors to your listing; if not, a swimming pool does the trick. For winter rentals where cold temperatures are in the picture, hot tubs are in high demand.

Getting Connected

Having an internet connection ranks highly on vacation rental wish lists and for many families it’s becoming a deal breaker. A good cell signal is no longer sufficient for the tech-tethered family who want to do more than check email and a little light surfing.

Bringing Fido

The ability to take the dog on vacation is one reason vacation rentals have increased so much in popularity. Accepting pets can create a real advantage in areas where there is a lot of competition.

Playing it Cool

Air conditioning is in high demand and an expectation in many areas. If it’s on your project list, consider moving forward with it sooner rather than later, since it may feature in increasing occupancy in the future.

Eating Out

Attractive patios, decks and balconies set up for al fresco eating appeal to most people heading to warmer places for their vacation and having facilities for the whole family to eat outside is important. This means supplying sufficient outdoor seating and eating space for the whole group.

That’s Entertainment!

Improvements in technology have changed the value prospective guests place on a potential rental choice. Flat screen HD TVs with the ability to stream entertainment; iPod docking stations and gaming systems are growing in demand.

Sweet dreams

Guests want a good night’s sleep and demand quality mattresses and bedding. Queen beds are considered a minimum standard for many guests new to renting with the requirement for king-size growing.