What to Pin on Pinterest

Apart from being great fun to do, pinning images to Pinterest can drive traffic back to your site or listing.  Here’s 10 ideas for board titles for a vacation rental site.  Don’t forget that any image must be of the highest quality – that is what Pinterest is about – so if your pictures leave a little to be desired, find some good images on your local tourist authority or travel site, and pin them.  The source will be shown below the image.

1. Best Beaches

If you have a number of good beaches nearby your rental – or at least within a reasonable driving distance, feature them on a Pinterest board.  Add a brief description of ease of access, water quality and any other features.

2. Local Restaurants

I’ve seen some great Pinterest boards that feature restaurant menus which is a nice way of sharing any local eateries that you would recommend.  You can usually find these online on a restaurant web site.  Add a few images of attractive exteriors.

3. Quirky Stores and Crafty Shops

Many regions abound with little stores and shops that might have interesting exteriors or web sites with pictures of the products for sale.  Be creative and look for images that would appeal to someone looking for a vacation that included shopping.

4. Landscapes and Landmarks

This is self-explanatory.  If you had a rental in Sedona you might include the images of sunset over the red rocks; a Vermont ski rental could have images of ski slopes at night, while a lake property might feature water views at sunrise.  The possibilities are only restricted by your locale.

5. Local Attractions

Most quality attractions will have their own web sites where you’ll be able to pin images you find there.  Put a brief description in the comment box, such as “Kids will love this place and you can spend a whole day without breaking the bank”.  It’s just to give visitors a taster of what to expect.

6. Eat Local

If there are places locally to buy fresh eggs, vegetables and meat include appropriate images with notes on where to find them.  Examples would be a sign for a Farmer’s Market or a photograph of free-range chickens at a local farm.  You could also pin some recipes on this board.

7. Activities

Include hiking, cycling, bird watching, photography, water sports etc.  There is a lot of scope here for pinning great images and describing what’s available in the area.

8. Wildlife

In areas where there’s a good amount of wildlife that could be seen, pin photos of the types of animals and birds they could encounter.  This could be anything from moose in the north to alligators in the south. 

9. Architecture

Old churches, building of historic interest, covered bridges, and even modern architecture could find its way onto this board.  I’ve even seen a board which has a collection of grain silos, which could appeal to a visiting farmer.

10. Winter Fun

This makes a great board in a snowy area.  From toboggans to ice skating, cross country skiing to snow shoeing, pinning these images is a good way to feature all the different fun things there are to do in the winter in your area.

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