Words that Work Magic

While it is the images on your listing that will attract visitors initially, once you have them interested, they will move onto your descriptive text.  This should be written in such a way as to draw them into the property as if they were there; to paint a picture, tell a story and create the atmosphere they are looking for.

Good copywriters understand that people process information in different ways and strive to appeal to all types. Some of us are more drawn to visual language, some like to hear auditory expressions, while others are attracted to text that is couched in kinesthetic (feeling) style. We often don’t realize we are being wooed by the language and use of words on a sales brochure or web site. If in doubt, just check back on how I’ve written these last two paragraphs and used visual, hearing and feeling words to get the point across.

The words you use should stimulate the emotions. Using feeling words such as ‘warmth’, ‘comfort’, ‘peace’, and ‘relaxing’; visual expressions such as  describing the ‘vivid colors’ of a sunset, or the ‘azure blue’ of the ocean, and ‘hearing’ words and phrases such as ‘the haunting call of the loon’, can all combine to appeal to the broadest range of people. Here’s an example from my book, Renting Your Recreational Property for Profit,

“Imagine a long weekend away from the noise and bustle of the city. Settling in comfort and warmth in front of a blazing log fire, glass of wine in hand, looking forward to a break filled with as much relaxation or activity as you could want. No street lights to spoil the magnificence of a vast starlit sky, or sound of traffic to intrude on the peace. Come and experience it all in an idyllic setting.”

Compare that to:

“We offer 2 or 3 night weekend breaks in our cottage in the Catskills”

Do you notice the difference?

If you can weave some magic into your text; use your verbal skills to tell the story of your property, and inject some emotion into the description, you’ll begin to see the difference in the amount of enquiries you get.

Visual example

“Picture yourself taking morning coffee on the dock watching mist gently rising off the lake, as the dawn breaks over another perfect day.”

Kinesthetic example

“After a wonderful day of skiing, fall into a deep sleep in the cozy comfort of our Tempurpedic mattresses, wrapped in the warmth of a goose down duvet”.

Auditory example

“Enjoy evenings of convivial conversation on the patio as the barbecue sizzles, and everyone shares their stories of the day’s activities”.

Don’t get hung up on creating a listing that includes a ton of these words and phrases – just use enough to attract different types of people, and think a little more about who is reading the text and how inviting it is for them.