Sample Letter to Pet

Accepting pets at your vacation rental can really differentiate your listing from the competition. But, of course, accepting pets comes with some additional concerns, too. [...]

Sample Travel Guide

If your property attracts international guests there is a good chance they have never visited your country before.  Preparing a document that gives them all the information they need to have a stressfree visit from the moment they arrive in the country, can be one of the best things you can do.  This example is drawn from one prepared for visitors to a vacation rental in Canada, but can be easily adapted to create a comprehensive guide to your own location [...]

Sample Property Audit Checklist

This sample Audit Checklist will help you make sure your property is up to standard. Performing an audit with rigor may seem like a repetitive practice, but it will undoubtedly pay dividends in the long run. [...]

Sample Checkout List

This is a sample of a list you could leave on guest check out and can be adapted to suit your own property.  Even if you have a property manager going in immediately your guests depart, they may leave earlier than expected so asking them to take care of a few security and economy items is a good idea. [...]

Staging Checklist - Smart Marketing

Time spent on planning your photography shoot will reap dividends in a portfolio of images you can use to market different times of the year.  Think ahead to what you want to portray and promote. For example if you rent year round and offer a Christmas package, lay up a festive table with candles lit, glasses of red wine and appropriate decorative items.  [...]

Property Marketing Review

As a property owner, you're the CEO of your vacation rental business.  Any good CEO will conduct an annual assessment of how well last year's objectives were met, and construct a list of goals for the upcoming year.  Whether you own one vacation rental, five vacation rentals or twenty - spending one day a year reviewing your marketing efforts will pay tremendous dividends. [...]

Property Management Cleaning & Changeover Checklist

If you use a property management team, a cleaning company or even do the changeovers yourself, a comprehensive cleaning checklist is important to make sure nothing gets missed.  Conveniently laid out in room-by-room sections this is a useful tool to ensure your next guests arrive to a pristinely presented property. No more calls about a blown light bulb, or supplies missing – you’ll have it all covered. [...]

Sample Policies and Procedures

Most vacations will go smoothly and guests will come and go without any issues and write a wonderful review.  However, even with the most organized of properties, things can go wrong and guests can get upset and frustrated if things do not go their way.  After all, this is a vacation they have worked hard for, and they have understandably high expectations.  Those expectations can also lead them to make demands for refunds, perhaps in what you may feel are unreasonable circumstances.  Being prepared for these eventualities and letting your guests know what to expect is the best way to approach a potential problem. [...]

Sample Live Like a Local Guide

Creating a 'Live Like a Local' Guide will ensure that your renters have an authentic experience while staying in your property. Not only will they appreciate this, but when you secure their repeat business you will, too! Take a peek at the PDF in the top right for a more complete version. [...]

Sample Hot Tub Instructions

Hot Tubs are one of the most desired amenities, and more and more vacation rental owners are equipping their homes with them. To protect your investment, it's a good idea to include a set of instructions for your renters. [...]

Sample Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions are important for you, the Owner, as well as your Renters. Ideally the document will squash any ambiguity that could potentially cause conflict down the road. [...]

Sample Return of Deposit Letter

The Return of Deposit letter is not only a vehicle for returning the pre-paid deposit, but it's also a great opportunity to secure valuable feedback from the Renter, and set the table for repeat business. [...]

Sample Booking Confirmation Invoice

A Booking Confirmation Invoice secures the payment between the Renter and Owner. Not only will it help you track your seasonal occupancy, but Booking Confirmations Invoices will also pay dividends come tax time. [...]

Sample Rental Agreement and Conditions

The Rental Agreement and Conditions makes the booking official. Not only is it important for the Owner, but it's a document that can be very comforting for the Renter [...]

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