Sample Checkout List

This is a sample of a list you could leave on guest check out and can be adapted to suit your own property.  Even if you have a property manager going in immediately your guests depart, they may leave earlier than expected so asking them to take care of a few security and economy items is a good idea.

Security – what you want guests to do with the key
Facility settings – AC/Heating thermostats, fridge, hot tub & other instructions on the settings you would like them to manage on departure
Laundry – Do you want beds left as they are or linens removed; should guests start a laundry cycle?
Garbage – where should this be left?  How do you want recycling done?
Kitchen – How do you want it left?  Surfaces clear, and all dishes in dishwasher?  Make it clear or you may end up with their washing-up to do.
Guest belongings - Remind them to check they have all their belongings including plug-in chargers (these are the items most often left behind)
Exterior instructions – Lowering umbrellas, storing soft furnishings and replacing outdoor games/items back in the original location
Adding a space for them to comment on their stay is a great way of getting information and acting upon it before they might post a review.