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Travel Deals and Steals: Niagara Falls, Silicon Valley wine, home rentals

Looking for that one last summer getaway? has deals from less than $150 per night., August 22, 2014

It's Now or Never: Secrets to Booking a Last-Minute Labor Day Getaway

Tom Gilmore, CEO of, points out one big advantage that vacation homes have over hotels: Many vacation home owners don’t jack up the price during popular travel weekends like Labor Day., July 07, 2014

4 Hidden Hotel Fees That Pump Up Your Bill

"Vacation rental is slowly getting more top of mind for Americans," said Gilmore. "A lot of online sites are making it easier.", May 09, 2014

How to Save Money on Vacation Rental Properties

"Check the last-minute deals page for discounted properties or look for owners on the sites listed above who are advertising discounted rates for their properties.", May 01, 2014

TripAdvisor Acquires Vacation Home Rentals

"'We're thrilled to welcome Vacation Home Rentals to the TripAdvisor family,' commented Dermot Halpin, president, TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals.", April 10, 2014

7 Luxurious Vacation Homes in Florida

"Dreaming of a spring getaway? These coastal vacation homes in the Sunshine State are calling your name. Whether you're looking for a vacation home on a white sand beach or an urban getaway on the bay, each of these homes has one important thing in common: they're on the water.", April 7, 2014

Giveaway: A Gift Certificate from Vacation Home Rentals (a $1,000 Value!)

"Ready to start planning your summer getaway? would like to give you a jump start.", March 19, 2014

Vacation Home Tip Sheet

"Buyers need to remove emotion from their purchase choice and pick what appeals to the widest target market rather than what they want for themselves, says Heather Bayer, a blogger with", March 18, 2014

Top U.S. vacation homes for your next 'mancation'

"Planning your own "mancation"? From Hawaii to Arizona, here's the top 10 U.S. vacation homes for your next guys getaway, suggested by the experts at", March 07, 2014

Escape the Cold and Hop on These Vacation Home Rental Deals

"Boston-based online family-to-family vacation marketplace,, is one of the best ways to rent a place somewhere warm for a fraction of what it would cost you to stay in a hotel. ", February 26, 2014

Escape The Cold With These Warm-Weather Travel Deals

"You can save big on stays in warm-weather cities around the country thanks to Current deals include a four-bedroom townhouse located just six miles from Walt Disney World in Kissimmee, Fla., from $59 a night, a two-bedroom home with a pool in La Jolla, Calif., from $98 a night, and $405 for a week in a Myrtle Beach.", February 19, 2014

How to Negotiate For Your Next Family Vacation Rental

"Not only do websites like represent significant savings (and extra space!) as compared with hotel rooms, you can score some even better deals if you plan accordingly.", January 22, 2014

How to Prepare Your Rental Home for Winter

"'Vacation owners or anybody who owns a second home has to give some thought to what might happen in the event of severe weather,' says Heather Bayer of", January 19, 2014

Super Bowl offers super opportunity for some N.J. home owners

"'I haven't seen quite the spike (in home rental listings) we saw in other years,' said Tom Gilmore, chief executive for Gilmore said the Super Bowl is a big event, but it doesn't overshadow the interest the metropolitan area normally draws.", December 24, 2014

$35 post-holiday vacation rentals

" reports that their users saves vacationers an average of 15 – 50 percent by renting a vacation home. Some of the destinations you can get a sweet deal on are Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, New York City, New Orleans and Galveston, Texas.", December 23, 2013

Fun Facts About Santa's Annual Sleigh Ride

"How does the rest of Santa's travel experiences compare to us common folk? Well, did a little research to show us what traveling like Santa is really like. Check out their nifty infographic below for more fun facts!", December 14, 2013

The 20 Most Expensive Seasonal Rentals For Christmas And New Year's

"The most popular days to rent during the holidays are December 22nd to January 2nd, according to", November 20, 2013 Wins Bronze in Best in Biz Awards 2013

", the family-to-family vacation home rental marketplace, has been named a bronze winner in Company of the Year - Small category in Best in Biz Awards, the only independent business awards program judged by members of the press and industry analysts. ", November 18, 2013

5 Sites for Cheap Holiday Travel

"Our website connects families looking to rent vacation homes directly with homeowners – no mark-ups or middleman involved.", October 30, 2013

America's Most Famous Haunted Houses—Plus, Spooky Decor Ideas

Can't get enough Halloween? Well, you might want to try on a spookier life for a few nights by renting one of America's most famous haunted houses., the leading vacation home rental website, composed a frightening list of the Top 5 Haunted Houses in America., October 23, 2013

Over-the-top vacation rentals for your fantasy trip combed their listings for the most expensive properties in top vacation destinations. Options range from a luxurious oceanfront estate in Kailua, Hawaii for a mere $34,900 a week, to a waterfront villa in Miami Beach for $20,000., August 15, 2013

Top cities for sports lovers

In a recent survey conducted by, vacationers were asked to rank the top 10 must-see sports cities for families to visit. These were the results., August 8, 2013

Best places in U.S. to buy a vacation home

These are the top 10 best places to buy a vacation home, based on the most popular rental destinations at in the month of June., July 12, 2013

10 Places In America To Take Your Kids Before They Turn 18

Tom Gilmore, CEO of, said traveling not only brings everybody together but also helps kids learn and it expands their horizons. "But it's really about the memories. I look back at photo albums and 70 percent of the photos are from family vacations. These memories will last a lifetime.", July 20, 2013

Mancation Villas in Las Vegas

"As with any location, the primary advantage to staying in a vacation rental over a hotel is money saved and space gained," say Tom Gilmore, CEO of "The money saved on the accommodations lends itself to more bets at the casino, and the additional space provides the venue to share laughs and tears over the outcomes of those bets.", June 21, 2013

The Definitive Guide to Saving on Summer Travel

"Love to travel but hate to spend money? These tips can save money all year round on every stage of your trip, whether you're traveling overseas or staying closer to home.", June 16, 2013

Vacation Home Rentals That Are Affordable, Family Friendly And Not In Florida

"Since most retirees have to be cautious of their budget, many are opting to rent a vacation home to forgo the high costs of hotels and amenities," said Tom Gilmore, CEO of, a website connecting would-be vacationers with home owners looking to rent out their homes., June 11, 2013

Frugal Traveler: Find Awesome Accommodations For Less

"Renting a property can be cost effective - but it also requires a lot more background research than staying at a hotel.", June 04, 2013

Vacation Rental Guide: How to rent right

Renting a vacation home for a week can be a great alternative to a hotel. You're likely to get more room for less money, but you're also likely to get scammed if you don't do your homework., May 14, 2013

How To Survive a Road Trip With Kids

"Plot out some fun. There is nothing that turns a frown upside-down more than a surprise, says Tom Gilmore, CEO and founder of "Planning stops at fun locations, like candy stores or an amusement park, will keep your kids excited for what's to come and [hopefully] stop them from asking 'Are we there yet?'"", March 12, 2013

Summer vacation rentals spur scams

A few tips from Tom Gilmore, chief executive and founder of Newburyport-based to watch out for scams, March 01, 2013

6 Unique family spring break destinations on a budget

If you’re looking to save on resort fees and stretch your travel budget by cooking your own meals, consider renting a home from a local property owner using a service like Vacation Home Rental., February 19, 2013

Family Vacation Rentals at Walt Disney World

"Hanging out with my seven and five year old in 300 square feet is not as much fun as hanging out in a place with a common area and a private pool," says Tom Gilmore, founder and CEO of, January 22, 2013

Travel Chat: March Break Deals's CEO Tom Gilmore joins Brian Simpson of and Michael Duchesne of in a discussion about finding the perfect vacation location for your family