Luxury Hotel Amenities Are Only a Click Away

NEWBURYPORT, MASSACHUSETTS- Coffee service, your favorite wine, spa treatments and up front parking aren't just the amenities at your favorite five star hotel, they can be yours at any Vacation Home Rental during your next stay. As the Vacation Home Rental market is poised to grow at more than 13% in 2011, many people are booking for the first time. To assist those first time renters and even the veterans, we've listed some great ideas for making your vacation rental stay as comfortable, convenient and luxurious as a five star hotel, at a fraction of the cost.

With Spring Break 2011 in full swing, a lot of families are looking at vacation options for the peak summer travel season. With the price of gasoline increasing at a record pace not seen since 2008, families will be looking to stretch their dollars even more this summer. And for many of those families, Orlando, Florida will be at the top of their destination list.

"We think it is important to reinforce that families are gaining so much more when they choose to stay at a vacation rental property instead of a luxury hotel." said Tom Gilmore, Founder and CEO, Vacation Home Rentals. "In fact, with the vast number of services available online, there is really nothing that compares to the space, privacy and convenience of a Vacation Home Rental."

Kissimmee Luxury Hotel
Family of four
(2 rooms)

Vacation Home Rental 
Family of four
(seven bedroom villa)
6 nights
6 nights $1699
parking $0
spa services (2)
spa services (2) $250
restaurant meals
groceries $500
coffee service
coffee service $61
total $2510


Orlando, Florida is a destination that puts delight in any child's eye, but can be daunting and downright intimidating for any family trying to economically navigate transportation, accommodations, meals and entertainment for the entire family. As more and more companies continue to go virtual, the luxuries of a five star hotel are more accessible than ever.

Stocking the refrigerator ahead of time, or at least the first day of your vacation is always at the top of everyone's "To Do" list. Many cities offer grocery shopping and restaurant delivery and Orlando is no exception. Make a list and call Food Delivery Orlando dot com at least four hours ahead of your requested delivery time and your favorite wine, cheese, cereal, coffee and crackers will arrive by the time you are ready to enjoy the sunset. Even better, whether you would like delivery from an area restaurant or your groceries from Publix, Whole Foods or the great deli down the street, the option is yours. Delivery is always $6.99, plus 18% gratuity.

Coffee service is no longer reserved for those special occasions in the most luxurious hotel. With the Starbucks Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Press you'll have coffee brewed to perfection every day. Purchase it ahead of time online for $22.95 and pack it to go, or have two coffee press's shipped with a pound of coffee straight to your vacation home. The coffee press is contained within the travel mug so you'll never need a coffee maker or filters on your next vacation.

Spa services are a vacation favorite, and mobile spa services are showing up all over the internet as a testament to their popularity. In Orlando, Go Massage offers on-demand massages in about an hour anywhere in the Orlando area. This top rated Citysearch mobile massage company has rates starting at $64 per hour and you can book online or through an 800 number.

Like many families, the choice of a weekly rental car or relying on taxi service is usually one of the first decisions. Now you can hail a taxi without even making phone call. A new start-up getting a lot of press is Taxi Magic. As convenient as your computer or nearest smartphone they provide free electronic taxi booking for iPhone and Android smart phones, regular cell phones and the Web. Once on your trip, you can pay and even store or print a receipt from your smartphone. Service is available in 25 cities including Orlando, and more cities and taxi fleets are joining every month.

With amenities like this just a click away, we can't wait to hear about your summer vacation. Tell us your recommendations for luxury amenities available at your favorite vacation spot.


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