Hi, I'm Jenna!

We own a historic home built in 1929. Jenna is a musician and a music teacher and M.C. is an educator, private tutor and writer. You may see us but it it is unlikely you will hear us. The 1929 concrete walls are very thick. We can assist in any way at any time by phone but you won't hear from us, unless we hear from you. Once in a while though in the summer, I have become quite excited when our Night Blooming Cereus, blossoms and I invite guests over for wine to bask in it's scent and beauty of this rare flower. We have had our business since 2008 and loved it since. Your apartment suite is an addition to the home. We live in one side and you the other of the 4000 total sq. ft. The 700 sq.ft. luxury suite. Jenna will give you a tour, show you the books in the suite about the area, hiking, a large resource binder on everything you want to know about Asheville, tell you about all of the amazing local restaurants, and more. I am available by cell 24hrs. and provide an airport driving service for a small gas fee. I also provide a designated driving service all night hours for a small cost so you can drink and not drive! Laundry service is available as well. If your stay is longer than two weeks then we clean and change the sheets. Of course your towels are changed weekly or as needed. As for the beauty of your space, it fills with the morning eastern sun as well as the setting sun all with large windows. You bedroom opens to sliding doors onto a patio and into a private backyard. Furnished with antiques yet housed with all the comforts of modern technology. Convenient to downtown though located in a beautiful quite historic neighborhood. Walking distance to the popular West Asheville neighborhood.

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Jenna Melissas
Jenna Melissas
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