Hi, I'm Patty!

I am the daughter of the owners of this property. Mom and Dad lived there for 20 years, it was their retirement dream home all of their lives and they found it after several years of searching for the "perfect place".
They always dreamed of retiring to a home on top of a mountain that they could sit on a deck, watch the sunset, enjoy the gorgeous fall colors, and occasional winter snow.
They loved seeing the deer in their yard most every day, the quiet and private community, the many activities they could enjoy right there in Connestee Falls, and Brevard was the favorite place they lived in through their entire marriage.
Sadly I had to bring Mom and Dad down from "their mountain" last year. They are quite elderly now. They love that I have opened up their home for guests to enjoy their dream, feel the love of our family, and continue to be a part of having their dream bless others.
More than anything we try to help our guests have the "time of their lives", feel the hospitality of our family, and take part in my parents "dream home" and it's lovely "Feel Like Home" atmosphere our guests have enjoyed.

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Patty Consoli
Patty Consoli
From Atlanta, Georgia
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St. Petersburg High School
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