Hi, we're Lynn & Winston!

The prompt says to describe ourselves (?)
This should be fun!! :)

Well ...
We're Spontaneous! Cute! Fabulous! and Funny! (ha)
We're the people next door that BBQ, listen to Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, Aerosmith and the Eagles.
We'll also watch your pets and water your plants when you're on vacation!

I'm a Southern 'Beach' Belle. Born in TN, grew up in Florida, spent my 20's in Houston and Dallas. Landed in LA around 30-something, and never left. I'm an ex airline gal - always have a bag packed and ready to go! Everywhere is 'home' and no one is a stranger. In my travels I have found that home can be anywhere if you open your heart.

My hubby is a total sweetheart - that's why I married him :) German decent, born in Ottawa Canada (quiet & polite) He keeps me in line! Lived in the Bay Area prior to moving to LA to attend college. He's a USC Film School grad.
A writer and photographer. Spent many years in the film business ~ until he met the wife (me) on a flight, and we changed our life course together. And the best part of all ~ we lived happily ever-after :)

We LOVE to travel. We still have a few places to cross off the "bucket list", but we've been around the world together, and we always meet wonderful people and have a fabulous time. We love sharing our Maui home with people like us and we have made some very close friends through owning this property.
Our homes are not "rentals" ... they are our heart and soul.

We genuinely want our home to be your home away from home.
We want you to LOVE being there and come back whenever you can.
If you stay with us once, you'll be part of our family ~
And our 'family' is a pretty cool bunch of folks!

That's about all I can tell you about us ...

Maui is a magical place, and your trip will be wonderful ~
And we hope that we can share in your journey! :)

Bye for now ~ hope to hear from you!
And we hope to see you at our Hale on Maui :)

Blessings and Aloha!
Lynn & Winston

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Lynn & Winston Skeeland
Lynn & Winston Skeeland
From Los Angeles / Hollywood / California
Member since January, 2007
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