Posted by: Karen Fowler
Packing the right accessories is crucial when it comes to spending a day by the pool or at the beach. In addition to sunscreen and other basics, the right summertime book can add laughter, thrilling adventure, or romance to a relaxing day. Beach reads should capture the reader's attention and be entertaining to the reader and are, very much, a personal choice. Often they are shorter reads; however, some people may choose longer books that they would normally not have the time to enjoy. Ultimately, there are no hard rules when it comes to the ideal beach read, as it comes down to the reader's personal preference.
This is a debut novel that takes place in the South during the Great Depression. The story is about wealthy Thea Atwell, a fifteen year old who is sent to an equestrian boarding school in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The book follows Thea as she adjusts to her new environment and deals with the ramifications of the family tragedy and scandal which was the cause of her exile to the equestrian school.
Katie Greene travels around the world to discover the truth behind her sister Mia's mysterious suicide. During her journey she follows in her sister's footsteps by using her travel diary as a guide. Through the pages of the diary she learns how and where Mia spent the final months before her death.
The story of a woman named Lucy Walker who wakes up standing in San Francisco Bay with no recollection of who she is. She soon discovers that she has a fiancée and that the person that she was is significantly different from the person that she currently is. As she struggles to remember who she is, she must get to know her fiancée and reconcile her past.
When a wealthy woman's husband loses his job, she must adjust to the changes that occur as a result. This novel follows these changes and the resulting struggles as she moves from London to Manhattan. In Manhattan she befriends three women who are also going through changes of their own.
Kiss Me First tells the story Leila, a lonely woman who joins an online forum where she feels comfortable and accepted. When the owner of the website takes notice of Leila, she is drawn into a plot to take over the identity of another woman.
This is the tale of Yohan, a refugee from the North Korean war. This story tells of Yohan's journey into a new world on Brazil's coast. It speaks of his relationships with others, his struggle to connect with them, and his struggles to confront the trauma of his past.
This novel is the third of a three-part series. The protagonist is a newly appointed sheriff with only a year of experience under his belt. The story involves the release of a murderer who is out for revenge.
Lexicon is thriller/sci-fiction novel about a secret society called Poets who have the ability to control minds using words. The primary characters of the novel include a street-smart girl named Emily Ruff and a man named Wil Parke. Emily is pulled into the society only to become the top poet within, while Wil is hunted to be used as an instrument of a secret war.
The Hunger Games is the first in a popular three-book series. In a post-apocalyptic future the country is divided into districts that suffer from various degrees of poverty. Two children from each district are selected to represent their district and compete in the annual Hunger Games. The Hunger Games are a sponsored event in which the children are pitted against one another and must fight to death.
Lily is a young white girl in the South whose mother has been killed. Since her death she has been raised primarily by an African-American woman named Rosaleen. When racial problems arise, Lily and Rosaleen flee to South Carolina where they befriend three sisters who raise bees.
In 1327 AD, Brother William of Baskerville is sent to investigate suspicions of heresy. While there he ends up investigating seven deaths that occur.
The story of a man who, after the suicide of his wife, leaves the U.S. for Rome with his daughter. The novel tells of his return back to his home in South Carolina and the discovery of truths that go back as far as the Holocaust.
This is a humorous science fiction novel about a man who is saved from certain death just moments before the Earth is destroyed in order to make a galactic highway. His friend who saves him is an alien who was posing as human for years. Thus begins their travels through space and various hilarious adventures.
A successful business woman and wife, Meg Brennan Roberts is feeling dissatisfied with life in general; and particularly with her marriage. When her boss confesses an attraction to her, she must make a decision that will alter her life and the lives of those who count on her.
The story of an eleven year old girl named Julia who wakes one day to discover that the Earth's rotation has begun to slow. Despite the dangerous changes to the planet, Julia must continue to cope with the everyday trials of life.
A novel about Minna Bernays, the sister of Sigmund Freud's wife. The story tells of Minna's fascination with Freud's work, which leads to an intellectual friendship and eventually love. This is a fictional novel that blends both fact and fiction.
In this adventurous novel, archaeologists are in search of the burial chamber of King Narmer in hopes of finding his double crown. The double crown is a crown that is said to hold significant power.When strange occurrences begin to happen, people begin to believe that the burial site is cursed. This leads to the arrival of Jeremy Logan who studies phenomena that are difficult to explain.
The tale of a man named Lincoln who falls in love with a woman named Beth after reading her daily emails to her co-worker and friend. Lincoln is an Internet security officer whose job is to monitor company email and Internet usage. The nature of his job poses a dilemma in how to approach Beth who tells her coworker everything via their daily emails.
Samantha Sweeting is an attorney who is reeling from a major and costly mistake. When she is offered a job as a housekeeper due to a case of mistaken identity, she takes the offer. Unfortunately, Samantha doesn't know anything about cooking, cleaning, or housework in general.
Identical twin sisters Kate and Violet share the ability to see people's secrets and the future. As the girls mature, Kate pulls away from her abilities and does her best to hide them. When a devastating incident occurs, Kate must face her abilities when her sister predicts further disaster.
The death of a married man leaves a grieving wife and family. He also leaves another woman, a co-worker, to mourn his passing. The story delves into the secrets kept by the husband and the nature of his relationship with the other woman.
Claire Randall, a former combat nurse in 1945, visits the stone circles in the British Isles while on a honeymoon with her husband. She finds herself transported back in time to Scotland in 1743 where she faces danger and the love of another man.
This 1937 classic novel tells the story of the life of an independent African-American woman named Janie Crawford. The story follows Janie through multiple marriages, poverty, and other difficulties of being an African-American woman during that period. It explores how she evolves from a teenager with no control or voice to a woman who finds herself and her voice.
The love story of a World War II veteran named Noah Calhoun who returns home haunted by memories of a girl he fell in love with fourteen years earlier. When the two meet again they face obstacles despite the feelings that still remain. The Notebook tells the story of their journey toward a lifetime of love and happiness.
Devin Jones, a college student, begins work as a "carny" in North Carolina for the summer. While working at the amusement park he learns of the unsolved murder of a woman from years in the past. The story tells of Devin's curiosity and eventual investigation into the murder of the woman who some believe still haunts the amusement park.