Posted by: Karen Fowler
Visiting an English-speaking country like the United States can be exciting. However, if you don't speak English well, you may not have as much fun on your vacation. If you don't understand at least some English words, you may not be able to read signs, talk to people or even find your hotel. Learning some basic English will help you get the most out of your trip. Use the links below to get started.
  • Verb Memory Game - Learn the meanings of some common verbs by matching them with their definitions.
  • Irregular Verbs - Most English verbs follow a pattern. On this webpage, you will find a list of common English verbs that don't follow that pattern.
  • Grammar Lessons - This page includes some lessons that will help you understand English grammar.
  • Grammar Poems - On this page, you will find a fun activity that will help you practice your English grammar.
  • Parts of Speech - This quiz will test you on the parts of speech in English.
  • Grammar Quizzes - Use these quizzes to see how well you understand English grammar rules.
  • Grammar Terms - This page includes a list of grammar terms. Each term is linked to its meaning.
  • Vocabulary Lists - Learn the meanings of common English words with these lists. Each list comes with audio to teach you how to pronounce the words, as well as a short quiz.
  • Match Opposites - Print this worksheet to test your knowledge of opposites, such as "short" and "tall."
  • Vocabulary Exercises - Use these word lists, quizzes, lessons and other tools to learn more English vocabulary words.
  • Language Guide Vocabulary Lessons - On this website, you will find links to vocabulary lessons. On each lesson page, you can place your cursor over words to hear how they sound.
  • Word Dynamo Quiz - This quiz tests your knowledge of English vocabulary with multiple-choice questions.
  • Learning Chocolate - On Learning Chocolate, you can explore English vocabulary words by category. This site includes pictures to help you learn the meanings of words, as well as sound files to teach you how to say them.
  • Video Lessons - This page includes a list of video lessons that will teach you about basic English vocabulary.
Reading & Listening
  • Beginning Readers Course - With this course, you can learn the basics of reading in English.
  • Audio Conversations - Play these conversations to practice your listening skills.
  • Short Stories - On this site, you will find links to 365 short stories to help you practice reading in English.
  • 100 Short Stories - This page includes 100 short stories in English that you can listen to and read.
  • Pam's Pad - Read this basic story to learn about the relationship between written and spoken English words.
  • Videos in English - Watch and listen to English speakers answering basic questions.
  • English Listening - Practice listening to native English speakers talk. Each clip comes with a test you can use to check your understanding.
  • Writing Tools - This page includes activities you can use to practice writing in English.
  • Handwriting - Print these worksheets and use them to practice English handwriting.
  • Writing Prompts - On this page, you will find some simple writing prompts to help you practice your writing.
  • Sentence Scramble - Improve your writing skills by unscrambling the sentences on this page.
  • ESL Writing Activities - Practice your skills even more with these activities, which were made specifically for people learning English as a second language.
  • Writing Exercises - Practice your writing skills by finding mistakes in sentences.
  • Spelling City - On this site, you will find some fun games that teach English spelling skills.
  • Phonics - This page includes games, worksheets and videos that will teach you how to sound out words in English.
  • Spelling Games - Play these games to practice your English spelling skills.
  • Spelling Challenge - The Spelling Challenge is an app that lets you make your own lists of spelling words and then test yourself.
  • ESL Spelling Games - On this page, you will find more spelling games you can play to improve your skills.
  • Spelling Worksheets - Print these spelling worksheets to practice spelling offline.
  • Spelling Activities - This page has more activities you can use to practice spelling.
Common English Phrases
  • Slang Game - Answer multiple-choice questions to learn about English idioms, which are phrases with unexpected meanings.
  • Useful English Phrases - On this page, you will find 101 common English phrases.
  • Basic English Phrases - This page will teach you some basic English phrases. You can also learn how to pronounce each phrase.
  • American Slang - On this site, you can explore some lists of American slang words and phrases, and you can take a test to see how well you understand them.
  • Idiom Site - This guide will teach you the meanings of the most common idioms in English.