Posted by: Karen Fowler
Maps have been used for many, many years. The most commonly used maps are roads maps. And, of course there are many other forms of maps that people use as well, but road maps are the most widely used type of map. Whether you are planning a vacation or you are on vacation, you tend to usually often use maps. Road maps help us navigate unfamiliar places. Whether it may be an electronic map, the GPS application on your smart phone, a separate GPS unit mounted on the dash of your car, or the old fashion paper maps that you stash in your front glove department.
Road maps are maps that basically show all transport links and roads instead of physical geography information. They come in all sorts of sizes, single pages, multiple pages, and shapes. Road maps are navigational maps and tend to include political boundaries, also making it a type of political map. Road maps also include other great features such as tourist sites, recreational facilities, parks, businesses, buildings, places to eat, train stations, and airports. All of these points of interest, which in many people's eyes, may be important and informational.
There are also different kinds of road maps. There are three different kinds of road maps: highway maps, street maps, and road atlases. Highway maps usually give an outline of the major routes within a medium to large area, that range from a few dozen miles to a few thousand miles or kilometers. Street maps tend to outline an area of an extended metropolitan area or within a city. Then there are specialized forms of street maps called city maps. Last but not least, there are road atlases. I'm sure you may have seen them at gas stations. They are a collection of road maps that cover a region that are as large as a continent or as small as a city. They are usually bound together by spiral binding. They are pretty heavy-duty to prevent any wear or tear.
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