Posted by: Karen Fowler
It's time to go on vacation and your destination is on the ocean. During your vacation you will be looking for things to do to occupy your time. Some of the things that will help make this a memorable vacation are swimming in the ocean, working on your Sun tan and hitting some of the local tourist attractions. However, one of the favorites of many people is ocean fishing.
Deep sea or ocean fishing is substantially different from fresh water fishing. Deep sea fishing entails going in a larger boat several miles off the shore of the ocean. The fishing rod and reel are also substantially stronger than the one you would use to catch trout in a local stream. And, depending on the location, the type and size of fish can range from a few pounds to several hundred pounds.
To give you a head start on your ocean fishing adventure we have put together this helpful page of basic information covering many aspects of salt water fishing. This includes information on the types of equipment to use, boats being used, fish commonly found in the ocean, knots and much more. We hope this information will help make your vacation excursion enjoyable. Please feel free to visit this page often and share it with others.