Posted by: Karen Fowler
Fishing is a relaxing, enjoyable past-time that the whole family can enjoy. Although catching fish is very rewarding, but there is a lot more to fishing than that. There's a challenge in finding the fish as well as figuring out the best ways to catch them. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and learn patience and how to work towards goals. There are different meanings to fishing to different people but regardless, you're sure to enjoy the outdoor elements whether you're fishing for sport or simply as a hobby. You'll win some and lose some in the fishing game and there's a certain amount of skill involved in this great outdoor past-time. The following links will provide you a vast amount of information so you'll be catching the big one in no time at all:
How to Fish
Fishing Safety
Types of Fish
Other Informative Fishing Sites
  • Alaska Department of Fish and Game - Here you can read about salmon in Alaska as well as find lots of other information about fishing in Alaska.
  • ASA - This is the website for the American Sport fishing Association where you can learn and connect with others who enjoy sport fishing.
  • IGFA - This is the website for the International Game Fishing Association. The website provides valuable information on fishing as well as fishing "how-to" videos.
  • FSFA - Florida is known for its warm weather and sandy beaches. There are also many great places for fishing. Visit the Florida Sport Fishing Association's website to learn more about Florida sport fishing.
  • PAA - This is the website for the Professional Anglers Association. You can read industry news, learn about upcoming tournaments, and view photo albums among other things.
  • Cyber Angler - Visit this online fishing magazine where you can read articles, fishing reports, and find out where to locate reefs.
  • Catch Magazine - This is an online magazine about fly fishing.
  • Florida Sportsman - With the Florida Sportsman online magazine, you can get an inside look at fishing tournaments. They also offer a variety of valuable fishing seminars.
  • Fishing in Northern Ohio PDF - This guide advises you on the best places in Northern Ohio to take the kids fishing.
  • East Tennessee - This is a list of frequently asked questions for those who are looking for great places to fish in East Tennessee.a