Posted by: Karen Fowler
Playing educational games is a great way to learn about any subject. Many kids don't get to experience ocean life in person, so playing beach-themed games online is the perfect way to learn about the ocean's many interesting creatures. Word searches, crossword puzzles, and memory games are fun ways to discover new sea animals and learn ocean-related vocabulary. Crossword puzzles are a particularly fun way to learn quick facts about ocean life. Jigsaw puzzles are another way to familiarize yourself with what creatures like starfish, coral, and anemones look like. Keep reading to check out lots of fun online games with a beach and ocean theme!
Word Searches
  • Under The Sea Puzzle (PDF) - This printable puzzle from Busy Bee Kids Printables is a sea-themed word search full of sea life like whales, crabs, dolphins, squid, and oysters.
  • Coral Reef Word Search - A printable word puzzle shaped like a coral reef. Contains interesting animals like pufferfish, angelfish, clownfish, and sea cucumber.
  • Beach Word Search - Get excited about summer with this printable beach vacation puzzle. Find fun summer words like "bikini" and "sunglasses".
  • Dora & Diego's Beach Word Find - A beach-themed word search with the characters of Dora the Explorer and Diego from Nick Jr. Find the words "mermaid" and "sandcastle," among others.
  • Underwater Wonders Word Search - Includes challenging words like "barracuda" and "anemone".
Crossword Puzzles
  • Under The Sea Crossword - Two printable crosswords, each with a colorable sea animal. Try the easy puzzle with the octopus or the harder sea turtle version.
  • Kelp Forest Crossword Puzzle (PDF) - A kelp forest is one of the most productive ecosystems in the world. This crossword from Monterey Bay Aquarium contains words related to kelp forests.
  • Deep Sea Crossword (PDF) - A fun ocean-related crossword shaped like an octopus! Also includes colorable jellyfish and seahorses.
  • Summer Word Search (PDF) - Another puzzle to help you get excited about summer! This one contains words related to summer, like bikini, fishing, sunburn, and vacation.
  • Beach Crossword - An interactive crossword game with a beach theme. This site allows you to compete against yourself or other users for the fastest time.
  • Oceans of Fun Crossword - Learn about seals and sea lions with this challenging 18-question puzzle.
Jigsaw Puzzles
  • The Ultimate Ocean and Marine Life Quiz - A quiz from Animal Planet about ocean and marine life.
  • Marine Life Quiz - This interactive quiz from the Magic School Bus tests your knowledge about ocean life.
  • MarineBio Ocean Quizzes - A page of quizzes about ocean life. Contains a list of practice marine biology quizzes at the bottom of the page.
  • Surf's Up Ocean Quiz - A short quiz from The Nature Conservancy to test your knowledge about the earth's oceans.
  • Ocean Life Quick Quiz - Learn about sea life with this short quiz from the Office of Naval Research. Includes questions about sea turtle eggs, breaching, and blubber.
  • Planet Ocean Quiz - This interactive quiz from the National Maritime Museum tests your knowledge about the earth's oceans.
Other Games
  • Ocean Coloring Pages and Crafts - A list of fun ocean-themed coloring pages and crafts for kids. Includes paper crafts and printable activity books.
  • Fun Ocean Games - A page of interactive ocean games about sea life, fishing, and pearl diving.
  • Build-A-Fish - Build your own fish by choosing a head, fins, and body, and then check its chance of survival in the chosen habitat.
  • Humpback Whale Migration Game - Humpback whales have the longest migration pattern of any mammal on earth! Trace the migration pattern of the Humpback Whale in this interactive game.
  • Nab The Aquatic Invader - Invasive species can be very dangerous to the earth's oceans. Choose an ocean and become a sleuth to discover the invading species.