Posted by: Karen Fowler
The entire world is a playground and constant adventure! When you think going to a new city or making a new friend at school is fun and exciting, how much fun will traveling to the other side of the world be? There are so many great places in the world where you will see cities totally different from your own with their own TV shows, museums, parks, animals, and people. Seeing a lion in a movie is pretty cool, but actually seeing them in their natural environment would be much more epic. When you plan an adventure, where do you want to go and what do you want to see? Some cities in Africa can be really advanced and look a lot like New York City, but then there are places where lions and other animals are out and walking around. Are you looking for a completely new experience so you can feel like you just stepped into a video game or movie? Or do you want to see some things that you already know about so you can feel comfortable? Either way, Africa has a lot you can do and new adventures to take!
Africa is a continent, which is really just a very big piece of land. With the African continent, there are actually fifty-four different countries and each is unlike its neighbor. Depending on which African country you may be visiting, you might experience deserts, rainforests, and more. Along with being home to many different types of weather, Africa is home to lots of neat animals including lions as mentioned earlier, as well as animals like cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, and more. The list is endless. One neat thing you can do in many parts of Africa is go on a safari to see some of the animals that call the area home.
Africa is huge (but that goes without saying) and it's completely different from places in America, Europe, or other places you may be more familiar with. Before you decide to adventure to one of the many great areas in Africa it would be good to learn more about the continent and countries there so you know what to expect. You should make sure you know why Africa is the way it is today, how it's different from places you already know, and of course all the fun things to do once you do come here! Take a look through everything here and play the games so you can become an expert on something new before you have the time of your life.