Posted by: Karen Fowler
The United States of America has a great number of popular vacation destinations. Vacationers have the option of different types of locations. Among the choices are warm weather areas, cooler weather areas, historic areas and many other possibilities. However, one of the most popular destinations for individuals and families in the United States is the state of Florida.
As a vacation destination, Florida offers visitors a wide range of options for vacation activities. People have the choice of beaches, the ocean, nightlife, family destinations and much more. But many people don't know about the history of Florida and how it evolved into one of the most popular places in the U.S. and the world.
The state of Florida began as a territory occupied by native Americans. In 1513 the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon discovered the territory of Florida. This began the area being ruled by Spain from 1513 until 1763, when the British assumed control. The British remained in control until the end of the American Revolution when the territory reverted back to Spanish control.
In 1822, America was looking to expand and gained control of Florida. The area remained a territory until 1845, when it became a state. In the subsequent years, the state has grown to being one of the premier destination spots in the United States and even around the world.
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