Vacation Home Rentals vs. VRBO® (Vacation Rentals by Owner)

VRBO vs. Vacation Home Rentals - Property Owner & Customer Benefits

Vacation Home Rentals comes with a Free 60 day trial period. VRBO does not offer a free trial period.
Once you begin your 60 day trial with Vacation Home Rentals, you will have full access to list your Vacation Rentals by Owner, and soon will begin receiving rental inquiries. We offer this trial because many property owners are hesitant to sign up for a new vacation rental portal without knowing if it will produce revenue for them. We are confident in our services and wish to prove our value before you pay for it. VRBO does not currently offer a free trial.
Vacation Home Rentals allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos for free. VRBO includes five photos with your listing.
Vacation Home Rentals believes photos are what ultimately sell a property so we allow you to upload as many photos as you want. VRBO includes five photos with their standard listing fee. Additional photos can be purchased for $27 each per year.
Vacation Home Rentals costs $299 for a full year. VRBO costs $299 per year.
Need we say more? VRBO's vacation rentals by owner listings are far more expensive than Vacation Home Rentals. Getting 16 photos on your VRBO listing will cost you a whopping $628 per year!
Vacation Home Rentals shows you detailed statistics about your rental traffic. VRBO keeps you guessing.
At Vacation Home Rentals, we provide detailed statistics for our property owners so they are fully informed about their vacation rentals. Real-time statistics show when people are clicking on your listing, calendar, reviews, and links or when they are sending you inquiries or sharing your listing with their friends. These statistics can be filtered to help you determine trends and evaluate whether changes to your listing were successful. VRBO includes a hit counter on the bottom of each property listing, but it is not possible to do further analysis of this traffic.
Vacation Home Rentals lets you save properties to a favorites list. VRBO does not have a favorites list.
At Vacation Home Rentals, we allow renters to build a favorite properties list so they do not have to try and remember them all. VRBO does not have this option, making it tricky for renters to remember which homes they like.
Vacation Home Rentals allows you to email listings to friends. VRBO does not offer an easy email feature.
Customers on Vacation Home Rentals can email their favorite listings to other family members, friends, or potential renters. VRBO does not offer an email to a friend option.
Here's a side-by-side comparison of VRBO and Vacation Home Rentals:
Availability Calendar yes yes
Currency Converter yes yes
External Links yes yes
Visitor Counter yes yes
Free Last Minute Deals yes -
Free Thumbnail Previews yes -
Detailed Statistics yes -
Availability Search yes -
Favorites List yes -
Email A Friend yes -
Local Area Weather yes -
Photos Included Unlimited 5
Trial Period 60 Days Free None
Price $299/yr $299/yr

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